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  1. Nachtmotte

    1876 Philadelphia Exhibition

    Dear watch friends, I´m trying to find a book (or records of an european watchmaker) about this 1876 Universal Exhibition in Philadelphia and I´ve found via Google book search one source: Author: Francis Amala Walker Publisher: Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott, 1877-78 Title: United States...
  2. Nachtmotte

    Marion Watch Co

    Hello everybody, I´m trying to buy this book (12.95 USD) of the gift shop of the NAWCC: #00903 Marion-A History Of United States Watch Co. William Muir & Bernard Kraus but it doesn´t work. Hoping that someone may help me to get this book for christmas? (Shipping to Germany and payment with...
  3. Nachtmotte

    Henry-Alfred Lugrin of Brooklyn New York

    Lemania is for all chronograph enthousiasts a well known swiss company. During my searchings through the patents of this company, I found HENRY-ALFRED LUGRIN of Brooklyn, New York. The founder of the company LEMANIA was Jules Frédéric Alfred Lugrin (1858-1920) of l´Orient in Switzerland. But...
  4. Nachtmotte

    Searching for AGASSIZ advertisements in the US

    Dear watch friends, I´m looking for advertisements of AGASSIZ Watch Co. in the US also Material catalogues. Jerry Treiman and Kent helped me at the beginning in a very kind way to find some Advertisements and a small material catalogue. But the american market is very huge and I hope to find...
  5. Nachtmotte

    23 page IWC catalogue from approx.1873

    Dear IWC-Collectors and specialists, I´m searching this 23-page catalogue to see what´s inside. Maybe more pictures of some Jones movements....? I hope so. Many thanks for any help in advance Tony _____________________________...
  6. Nachtmotte

    IWC Caliber types Jones (1-17) and Seeland (18-26) Serialnumber list online!

    Hello IWC-lovers, just for everybody, I´ve set a personal list of these rare caliber types here online: If someone wants to edit or correct this list, be welcome and thanks for helping! Please enclose...
  7. Nachtmotte

    Jaecer leCoultre watch

    Hello RDF, pictures says more than 1000 words... :smile: One of the dial, back and movement would be nice. Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the famous swiss watch companys and they built around 1000 (!) different caliber types. To tell you the history would explode this post so in short...
  8. Nachtmotte

    A mystery symbol makes headache

    Hello everybody, does someone knows this symbol on a movement? The pocketwatch is build around 1890-1910. Looking into "Karl Kochmann - Clock & Watch Trademark Index" p.668 and "Kathleen Pritchard - Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1975" p.F-16 shows from FAVRE FRERES a similar symbol but not that...

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