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    Clock trademark help

    Hi guys, This has just turned up for a complete overhaul, does anybody have any idea on maker. All i can tell you is that it is a 3 x 2 striking on 5 gongs.
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    movement Seiko

    i have a seiko with a broken time corp 6N42A date @3 i cannot find this movement so is there a compatiable movement i can use as a replacement?
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    Help with trademark

    Hi can anyone please help on the trademark and dating. Thanks
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    Unidentified movement

    hi i have come across this movement several times, its reasonably good quality has anybody got any idea who the manufacturer was?
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    Brenray watch cleaner

    Thought i would post a before and after pic of my brenray restoration, its had new wiring, a re-spray and an attachment made to incorporate an elma cleaning basket.
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    Clock trademark

    Hi i'm a newbie to the forum and could use some expert help identifiying this movement trademark from a vienna weight driven wall clock.

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