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    New Haven - in German like case?

    Hi there, I picked up a New Haven wall clock that is in a German style case. I wasn't sure if this was a married case movement or original. I've been searching to find a model or to see if it is correct. Has anyone seen this style before?
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    Clock IBM Escape Wheel

    Looking to buy an escapement wheel for a International Business Machines punch clock. I picked up a IBM punch clock - the movement has a 100 stamped on it? not sure if this is the style/model? Previous person filed the escapement wheel. Looking for that part - or an entire parts or working...
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    Brass Dial Tall case - Dial to Clean or Not to clean? Tis the question or with what?

    First off I'm a newbie to Tall case clocks (got my first a month ago) now have 3. I'm putting the finishing touches on a recent purchase of a early brass dial Tall Case clock. The question I have is do I clean the face or not? And if I should - what is the safest product to use? Any help...
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    My sons birthday present from his uncle Ansonia Catherdral - Help to identify

    I've been collecting clocks for a couple year - but an amateur. My Son for his 17th birthday last week received this Ansonia Cathedral clock from his uncle - I think he may have the bug now. I'm posting for him as he would love to know the model and year, he has spent lots of time trying to...
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    Tall Case - How is movement attached? Newbie question with photos

    I'm working on my first tall case clock. Maker us unknown - But I believe it is an early 1800's clock. Question I have is currently the mechanism is just sitting on the saddle board (I believe that is what the board is called) I would have thought that the saddle board would be attached to...
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    Help with valuing 2 tall case clocks rough - I'm looking to buy

    Hey gang, I'm very new to tall case clocks (just got my first one a month ago) I have found two tall case clocks that need a lot of work - I'm trying to figure out how much they are worth in this state? IF anyone can give me input to what you would think would be reasonable - it would be greatly...
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    Help with Gathering Pallet -Right or Left photos

    I'm trying to restore my first tall case. Its missing the gathering pallet and I "think" I know what one to (Left or Right) but after all the reading I've done still not 100 per cent sure. IF I'm correct I need a RIGHT gathering pallet. I think that is determined by the stop on the rack coming...
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    Help identifing longcase clock movement part

    I've new to clock collecting and just got a early 1800's tall case clock. The mech on the strike is missing the part shown in this photo. Could someone tell me the name of the brass part pointed to? its a cam to lift the lever to count strikes. My clock is missing this - is this something...
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    Nebbie Tall case - lots of questions

    I've been collecting clocks for a few year, but just mulling my way through repairs. -- I recently purchased an early 1800's tall case (my first) and have cleaned and oiled the mech and it seems to be running (with a 10lb weightlifting weight) The questions: - is there a way other than trial...

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