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  1. Fred Hansen

    Rockford Grade 815 - how rare?

    Does anyone have any info on this Rockford grade? The Ehrhardt Rockford serial number book lists the 815 as being unique with a total production of 1 made, a sole example at serial number 513182. The 815 is not unique though as I've seen two examples at different serial numbers than what is...
  2. Fred Hansen

    Illinois Getty Model prototypes

    Two of my favorite Illinois watches, I believe both unique ... 25 jewel 3 finger bridge ... ... which features a cap jeweled third wheel and an internally jeweled barrel. The upper cap jewels of third wheel and escape wheel are in distinctive large gold settings. The small production of 25...
  3. Fred Hansen

    Elgin's early "National Watch Co." grade

    "National Watch Co." movement serial number 246506 ... Per the information in Elgin's 1896 materials list, this grade was produced in only a single run of 12 watches spanning serial numbers 246501 to 246512 that are identified as "N W Co" grade. The movement is beautifully finished with...
  4. Fred Hansen

    Encyclopedia articles?

    Where are the encyclopedia entries with this new board? i.e. Every single link in this thread ... ... is not functioning. Somebody please tell me these haven't been lost.
  5. Fred Hansen

    What are your favorite finds or stories from 2016?

    We're almost to the end of another year, hopefully 2016 was a good one for our members and their collections! Let's see and hear about any of your favorite watch acquisitions or stories from this last year. A few favorites for me are this Waltham split-second chronograph ... ... with cool...
  6. Fred Hansen

    Early American Railroad Watches

    The Camden & Amboy Railroad and Transportation Company was one of the earliest American railroads, and at least as early as 1853 the Camden & Amboy was supplying its employees with watches for railroad service. The Railroader's Corner article by Kent Singer and Ed Ueberall in the October 2001...
  7. Fred Hansen

    Canadian Railroads - Required watch movement markings before American RR's?

    Did Canadian railroads require that watch movements be marked with the grade number and marked to number of adjustments (marked "5 positions" or "6 positions"), before this was required for American railroad watches? The reason I ask is that I've seen quite a few railroad grade Hamilton watches...
  8. Fred Hansen

    Elgin Veritas Grade 214 Lettering Color Change

    This morning I looked through pics of a couple dozen 18 size 23 jewel Elgin Veritas Grade 214's, and it looks like the movement lettering color was changed from black to yellow during the course of the grade's production. Specifically, from what I saw it looks like ... 11820xxx run and earlier...
  9. Fred Hansen

    2014 almost over! Any finds or stories from this past year?

    Since 2014 is coming to a close let's start a thread here looking back at this past year. Let's hear about any finds or watch stories from 2014, the more the better and no need to stick to just one per person. Here's one for me, the first watch in 2014 that I added to my collection came from...
  10. Fred Hansen

    18 size Elgin Dairy dial

    Cool dial on an 18 size Elgin movement ...
  11. Fred Hansen

    A.C. Roebuck case paper

    Picked up this one recently and thought I'd post here, an interesting case paper by A.C. Roebuck ... Roebuck was of course best known for his partnership with R.W. Sears which was incorporated in 1893 as the Sears, Roebuck and Company. The watch with the paper is a Peoria Watch Co. product...
  12. Fred Hansen

    Unusual Elgin with strange Pat. Applied For dial

    I'm interested in any info or thoughts on the original purpose of this one ... Its a 16 size 17 jewel open face pendent-set Elgin serial number 30637092. The sunk-seconds enamel dial is very unusual with a series of 15 divisions of 4 minute increments and is marked "Patent Applied For"...
  13. Fred Hansen

    Samuel Curtis, serials 545 and 554

    Boston Watch Co. Samuel Curtis, serial #545 on the left and serial #554 on the right. Both watches in "I.H." marked cases with hallmarks to London 1853. Thought it would be interesting to post side by side pics here showing the similarities and small differences between these two early watches...
  14. Fred Hansen

    Auburn NAWCC Regional

    Just returned from the Auburn, Indiana NAWCC regional. Fun show as always and thanks to the fine folks that put this one on! Enjoyed seeing John C., Ben H., and many other of the usual friends there. Activity seemed decent but probably a lesser attendance than in past years. Most people...
  15. Fred Hansen

    Ball Watch Co. straight line watches

    I'm helping a friend gather info and photos of any examples of the Ball Watch Co. straight line watches, and I wanted to post here to request help with this project. Here's pics on Tom McIntyre's site of an example that was at the 2006 NAWCC Symposium ...
  16. Fred Hansen

    NAWCC National show Milwaukee 2014

    Just returned from this year's National in Milwaukee and thought I'd post a few comments here and am interested in hearing about anyone else's experience. I had a great time in Milwaukee seeing many old friends, buying some nice watches, and also enjoyed meeting a number of collectors that I...
  17. Fred Hansen

    Mesquite (Dallas) NAWCC regional

    Just returned from the NAWCC regional in Mesquite, TX and enjoyed my first time there. Looked to be around 300 tables in total and seemed well attended and with a noticeable public attendance on both days. Lots of clocks throughout the room with a higher percentage of clocks to watches than at...
  18. Fred Hansen

    Daytona Beach NAWCC and WWT shows

    Just finished up yesterday with the two watch shows at Daytona Beach, the NAWCC regional and the WWT show earlier in the week. Overall a good pair of shows for me and attendance seemed decent at them but I'd assume took a hit from the nasty weather spanning the East coast that ruined many...
  19. Fred Hansen

    2013 Coming to a Close ... Any finds or stories from this year?

    Hope everyone's having a safe and happy New Years and since we're about to enter the next year I thought it would be nice to start a thread looking back on 2013. I'd enjoy hearing any member's stories of the last year or additions to their collection, the more the better and no need to limit it...
  20. Fred Hansen

    Waltham "The Electric King" Non-Magnetic

    One of my favorite Model 1883 Walthams, signed "The Electric King" and "Non-Magnetic" on both the dial and movement ... Non-magnetic watches were marketed...

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