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  1. Kenny S.

    My "new" Atmos

    So is there anything that I can or should do from a preventative maintenance standpoint that would keep it running at its peak? Or is there anything I should look for that would indicate that it should be serviced soon?
  2. Kenny S.

    My "new" Atmos

    Well I did it. I found one I liked and bought it. Model 519 from the '50's? Ser. # 42347. It's seems to be in really great shape for its age and based on others I looked at from the same era. It was almost 5 minutes slow after 24 hours so I adjusted the regulator a little bit. I'm wondering if I...
  3. Kenny S.

    Always wanted an Atmos Clock!

    And the fix for this is oil? Or a new mainspring? Just curious.
  4. Kenny S.

    What a noob needs to know before buying a used Atmos

    Thanks to you all for the info. The video was quite enlightening, thanks S_Owsley. Ed, are you in this business full time, or as a hobby?
  5. Kenny S.

    What a noob needs to know before buying a used Atmos

    So I really want to buy an Atmos but can't afford a new one. I'd like a running one obviously since I wouldn't know the first thing about repairing a broken one. So what are the gotchas? There are some on fleabay but I honestly don't know what I'm looking at. I haven't a clue about these things...

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