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    Just a thought

    I notice further down there is a thread in the members only section for people to post thoughts/ideas about the for sale site. Given you are trying to attract non members to the site as well might it not be a good idea to re locate that thread to some other place where everyone can be involved...
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    Just another idea.

    I am a bit keen on the idea of having more parts of this board user pay. A bit like the current valuation area where people have to subscribe to use it. I can also appreciate that it might get messy to have a lot of areas where payment of some kind has to be collected. So how about this...
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    About Ultrasonics

    I have been looking at different Ultrasonic cleaners and notice there is a variety of different sizes and wattages. I could get say a 3L with 100w or 120w. Go down to 1.3L and it goes down to say 70 watt Go down to the smallest I found at 700ml and it is still 50 watt. On the other end how big...
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    How about this for an idea

    In another thread it was mentioned that the current model of the 4 sales section will not work if we allow non members to list. I agree with this but perhaps the answer is to change the model rather than try to force people to join. The first idea that I think is flawed is the notion that the...
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    Make it REAL

    I just recieved this twice as an appeal for international visitors to please join up. Quote - Highlights of Membership:· The Watch & Clock Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal, and the Mart & Highlights, a buy/sell publication, are mailed to you and/or available online six times a year. ·...
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    Is Collecting a fading passion

    I recently read in another post that people were not as interested in collecting stuff as they used to be. I found this an interesting claim so I thought I would try to test it. Not being an experienced researcher I looked for an easy way to do it and came up with this. Do a goggle search and...
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    RYTIME Electric Clock

    Just wanted to add this in here to put it on the record for the future. This is an interesting little electric clock made by J S Ryding in Sandringham Victoria Australia. Don't know much about it but it has a couple of interesting features. The movement uses a double worm reduction in...
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    Usefull WW tailstock attachment

    In several previous posts I have mentioned my liking for ER collets. This is an off the shelf ( Ebay ) ER11 collet chuck that I picked up for around $25. It origionally had an 8mm dia shank by 120mm long. This has been shown to a grinder and now fits perfectly into my tailstock. If you...
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    Mystery tailstock

    Does anyone recognise this tailstock. The bed it fits would be about 24 mm wide at the top and have a taper each side that things locate on. There would be a slot down the middle ( t slot perhaps ) that the ts uses for locking itself in place. The handle on the top locks the spindle which is...
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    Long collets

    I have an assortment of 8mm ww collets that are longer than normal. When compared to a Lorch collet ( marked lorch on the front ) they appear to be the same dimensions apart from the threaded bit on the end which is about 5mm longer. I cut one down to the same length as a Lorch collett and it...
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    Clock Stolen from Railway Station

    Don't think they will mind if I add this here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22nd March 2009: In a break-in at Alresford station last night the (12" dial, SR, roundhead, fusee) clock was stolen...
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    The other fella's shop

    I thought I would start this thread as a place people could put links to other sites doing similar things to what we are talking about. Have a look in here and see what you can see as a non member. I noticed the library services are removed from the general membership...
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    Horological Sales site ????

    By now you may have guessed that I am not a fan of donations. I don't have a problem with accepting them but I do not like seeking them or relying on them as a means of income. In my opinion they should be considered a bonus whenever they turn up. I would much rather see the NAWCC use it's...
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    watch appraisal service

    Hello I mentioned in another thread that I felt a place where people could get an appraisal on a watch would be a good idea and might generate some income. Here is my imaginary version of such a place. You enter via a button on the NAWCC main page labeled “Watch Appraisal Service” or...
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    A new class of Membership ????????

    This is something about which I have spoken before but I believe it is an important issue and this would be a good place to talk about it. At the moment the NAWCC rules mention the following types of membership. Section 1. Classes of Members (a) Regular Members (Amended Oct. 30, 2006 by...
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    Looking for watch by James Smith London

    An old friend of mine has discovered during some family tree reaserch that he is a direct decendant of an English watch and clock maker. The man concerned is James Smith of Jermyn St, London (fl. 1776 -1794), maker to George III, who became an honorary freeman of the Clock Maker's Company...
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    Vibroghaf M-80 Manual required

    I have just obtained a new (actually pretty old) watch timing machine and was looking for a user manual for it. The Vibroghaf M-80 looks fairly basic with just a few buttons on the front to concern myself with but it would be nice to know what they are all supposed to do. I may graduate to...
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    Electric clock book

    Found myself a book on Electric clocks by S.J.Wise. Published in London in 1948. 167 pages and 156 illistrations. Does anyone know this book.
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    English or European ?

    Does anyone recognise this maker. The hallmarks are from the case the watch is in. The serial no 10178 implies he made a few. Not sure about the date mark but the construction appears early 1800's. Any ideas gratefully recieved.
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    Hunter cased railway watches

    I thought I would start a thread on these since they are not mentioned that often. The picture shows an 18s Bunn I am currently working on. Came to me with a broken staff and had been sprayed with some kind of presertive that set hard like varnish. Not fun to remove. Now working well but needs a...

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