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    Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow ogee

    picked up at Don Cline's Antiques in Mt. Pleasant, N.C. for 40 bucks. Plymouth Hollow brass movement and nearly complete label, 30 hour. Dark bluish flowers in corners of dial, label printers address date this clock to 1850-1855 according to Has a jewelers label ''H. Teufel...
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    New Haven Referee Glass

    Hi you all, and Happy Thanksgiving 2017. I have a New Haven " Referee" c. 1910 that you can plainly see the word "Regulator" used to be there, on bottom glass, like someone scraped it off with a razor blade.The gold square is still around the edges. Anyone else seen this? And why would it be...
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    strike spring good, clock wont strike

    good evening everyone, i have a Junghans wall box movement A28 t&s that will not strike. time spring works, it runs full 8 days, strike spring does not move but is fully wound. use key to relieve pressure, it will strike weakly, but only with key. i appreciate any help.
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    any information on RYUSUI clocks?

    sorry to double up, im new at this. wall box clock with RYUSUI on dial only makers mark on clock. I think its occupied japan, thats just a guess

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