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  1. Solomon

    First big watch purchase - Hopefully an Heirloom in the future

    I am an avid lover of all things Seiko - almost half my collection is from the brand after all - but I've always wanted something that's unequivocally me. I wanted a brand with some history and flair but that wasn't terribly mainstream. A brand that an enthusiast could spot from a few feet away...
  2. Solomon

    New addition to the family!

    I'm a diehard Seiko fan, it was my first ever watch and by far the most prevalent brand in my collection. I'm a young collector and my current goal is to learn more about vintage watches and the history they bring with them. All of this combined to influence my purchase of a Seiko King Quartz...
  3. Solomon

    The perfect Seikos

    I am a firm believer that everyone needs to handle a SARB033/035 at some point in their life. The case shape, dial design, dimensions, and handset just ooze class. They punch way above their weight class and have both earned a forever spot in my collection. I have a bit of a Seiko addiction but...
  4. Solomon

    Redial? Something mysterious about this little guy...

    I recently acquired a vintage Cyma that I adore. After doing some research, I have yet to find a single watch that matches every aspect of mine, namely the CYMA logo (either printed or applied), hands, indices, font of the numerals, the shape of the applied arrowheads, case/lug design, dial...
  5. Solomon

    My new favorite daily

    My Seagull 1963 reissue finally came in recently and I am totally enamored by it. It wears so well and looks so handsome that I fear my other watches might get far less wrist time than they're used to. The nato it came with wasn't good nor bad but I was planning on swapping it out as soon as I...

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