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    Gilbert Rack & Snail

    I’m getting ready to tackle this Gilbert rack & snail movement. I only have worked on American clocks with a count wheel. I read a little about rack & snail, but couldn’t seem to isolate if there is a definitive way necessary to set it up like a count wheel has that will make it not work or...
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    Alternates to Shellac

    Hi. This is a Gilbert clock just as I found it. It’s been poorly refinished with polyurethane (I think). I was able to Citrus Strip it all off down to bare wood. I know shellac seems the favorite top coat to use. I used it once & loathe it. Maybe it was old, but I bought it at hardware store...
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    New French? Clock Missing Bell

    Hello, back again. Found this at an antique shop for a good price. From what I’ve seen online seems to possibly be Japy Freres & maybe 1880s? Works. But is missing what appears to be bell for the strike train. I’m guessing finding the exact bell for this movement is difficult to impossible...
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    German Clocks & Pivot Arbors

    I understand certain German clock movements can not always be repaired if the pivots need polishing. I believe they have a hard metal coating on the pivot & once that is worn you basically have to replace the pivot or the movement because soft metal underneath. I have been looking at some older...
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    Antique Electric Clock Safety

    Electric S Thomas clock from late 1940s. Anyway to tell if this clock is safe to run? I don’t want to burn my house down. Anything to check or look for?
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    Strike Train / J Hook Issue Sessions

    Hello. Recently redid this movement and I’m having a strike train issue. When I put it back to together initially - the hour strike train wasn’t being activated at all. This movement has a half hour bell & that works fine - so only 1 strike release pin on the center shaft. That 1 pin hits a...
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    Reamer Handle Question?

    Ok. What did I get? The handle here is solid; now way it seems to put the reamer in. I expected a chuck or something. Wrong thing or am I missing something? The reamer is for KWM. Thanks.
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    New Seiko

    Not the normal clock you would see here, but I guess it still qualifies. Estate sale find
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    Bushing Question

    Correct me if I’m wrong please. When replacing bushings , you ream through the inside of the plate & push the bushing through the plate from inside to outside. If the new bushing has an oil sink, it goes on outside. Correct? Thanks.
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    Can Anyone ID This Clock?

    Someone I know owns it and nothing is known about it. Unfortunately, this is only available photo.I can’t seem to find anything online like it. Was told it may be British. Not sure if it’s possibly a reproduction?
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    Bushing Close to Plate Edge

    Hello all. Getting ready to do my 1st bushing work & wondering if these pivots are too close to the edge to be re-bushed? I ordered & planned to use #3 KMW reamer & associated bushings.
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    Help KWM Bushing Size Question

    Trying to figure this out & order some bushings. These bushings will be for American made mantle clocks (Ansonia, Gilbert, Sessions, & similar)... I’m getting some conflicting data? Maybe it varies on the clock, but for these clocks - is the bushing height (KWM American made) generally 1.4mm or...
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    Help New Loud Sessions Mantle Clock

    Hi. Acquired this clock today for almost nothing. Other than missing glass, everything is in tact & even has what appears to be original Sessions pendulum bob. The glass I can cut. Everything seems to work correctly & it seems to be complete and unmolested (haven’t taken it apart yet)...
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    Help With Ansonia Movement

    Hi. Amateur here. Fixed a few movements and have the basic tools. Just got an Ansonia clock with the standard 5 movement. It ran when I got it for about 5 hours - then the time side spring broke. Got a new spring & installed it. Also bought a clock movement stand at the same time to make my...
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    Clock Info

    Hi. Clock Hobbyist here. Looking for anyone with general info on this clock. It seems from what I can gather on the web it’s French? Any info is appreciated.

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