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  1. Dugald McIntosh

    Gordian Hettich Sohn Cuckoo Clock Identification

    Hi, I have in my possession a cuckoo clock by GHS, The case is missing a few bits, including the entire top finial, the back door and some mouldings (The movement is out of the case in this photo for repairs) I am really keen to know what this clock would've looked like when new I am aware...
  2. Dugald McIntosh

    Unknown German Clock Trademark

    Hi, On a couple of occasions I have seen this design on the inside labels of (1890's?) German cottage clocks listed online They have since been sold so I am unable to provide pictures, though I drew this from memory. It features what appear to be cornucopias or horns with various clocks coming...
  3. Dugald McIntosh

    Maker of this German Box clock?

    Hi, I just picked up this likely German box clock today. No makers marks I can see Strikes on a gong Count wheel Any idea who the maker is? And a possible date of manufacture for the clock? I can provide additional photos Any info greatly appreciated Dugald McIntosh
  4. Dugald McIntosh

    German Any info on this Kienzle Wall Clock

    Hi, I have a Kienzle wall clock. Marked 'D.R.Patent', but no pat number Has a small label on the back, top half is in German, bottom half in English, but I can't make out what it would have said originally. Note: I replaced the gong rod with a shorter one (the original was longer and black) as...
  5. Dugald McIntosh

    Curious HAC Lux timer?

    I purchased this unusual little timer about a year and a half ago from Ebay along with some Swiss travel clocks, and ever since I wondered what it was for. It is about 4 inches in diameter, has 'peg legs' and a little dial which rotates. Like a regular kitchen timer, you turn the needle...
  6. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Any info on this mantel clock please!

    Hello, I have recently purchased this mantel clock. It has no stamps or labels in/on the case or the movement. It's a time-only clock(Or rather, timepiece). which I believe is either American or German. Interesting abstract glass tablet design. About 12" tall Any info on what type of clock this...
  7. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Weird Shaped Movement

    Hi, I found this weird looking movement for sale on eBay. Looks like it has an alarm. Any ideas who the maker is? Thanks, Dugald
  8. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Please help finding the maker of this clock (French?)

    Hello, I have a mantel clock, and am unsure of the maker. It has a round movement, so I assumed it was French in origin. The movement is unmarked except for the number '2', and seems to be of high quality. The dial says "Exp'd by Raymond Keith, 189a Brompton Road, SW." Any info about the clock...
  9. Dugald McIntosh

    Gilbert Gilbert Ogee Label & Tablet

    Hi, can anyone tell me more about the label on this Wm. L. Gilbert ogee? The words 'thirty hour' are on a strip of paper pasted over the top of 'eight day', and 'Co' has a capital 'O', unlike others I have seen. At the bottom reads 'Herald Job Press'. It is in pretty good condition. Is there...
  10. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock What's this logo?

    Here I have a face of an alarm clock. It came in a box of parts as a random spare- no movement or anything. I cannot find a result for this trademark so I am asking the forum. It is printed card attached to what looks like lead with three dials and a capital G in a five-pointed star. What was...
  11. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Please ID this Gong

    This gong has 8 chime rods and comes from an unbranded German granddaughter clock with Westminster chimes. It appears to have something badly stamped into the metal, which I cannot read. I am hoping it would help identify the movement, pictures attached. I have been told the movement it looks...
  12. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 2

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 7. Small unbranded 'tin can' alarm clock. Bevelled glass. Note: Missing the entire alarm winding shaft, so any info about its replacement would be very helpful! 8. Gordian Hettich Sohn cuckoo clock with...
  13. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 1

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Pictures included. 1. Time-only movement stamped '1 41667'. American? 2. Unbranded peg-leg alarm clock. 4in dial. German? 1915? 3. Unbranded mini onyx clock. Germany with fancy movement. 4in tall 4...

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