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  1. shinytickythings

    Help identifying

    Fascinating thread. Thanks DMOORE36! Is this winding click arrangement an Audemars patent? Or, why do I see these attributed to Audemars so often? regards, Steve
  2. shinytickythings

    Help i identifying movement

    I am curious to hear this. It had always been my understanding that "reversing pinion" and "safety pinion" were two quite separate things. I've never seen Morcom's patent though, or a reversing pinion with two tracks of teeth. That's interesting. Any that I've encountered do seem to be simply a...
  3. shinytickythings

    Liverpool Window Jewels

    Great thread! I want to revive this just to ask, can anyone give me some sound dates for the introduction of "Liverpool Windows" and when they really fell out of favor?
  4. shinytickythings

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    I did have a look for that! Sadly though, nothing at all. Regards, Steve
  5. shinytickythings

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    I don't have multiple editions to reference, so I find that bit fascinating. Thanks, John. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I always took Britten's to be the most trustworthy, and that because, it is derived primarily of guild records and trade directories information from the periods...
  6. shinytickythings

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    Ah! Brilliant! Thank you very much for the additional information, John. The case is hallmarked for 1929/30, as Graham pointed out. But, the 1825 comes from Baillie's, and is presumably the source for Loomes, who also lists William, just vaguely as "Liverpool,1825". Regards, Steve
  7. shinytickythings

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    Thanks, Graham! That's pretty much what I suspected, I guess. Seeing that Cain is documented as a maker, that Mr. Raiker must have ordered the watch with his name name on it. It just seems like an odd place, so I thought maybe there might be more to it. Maybe, being in such a nondescript place...
  8. shinytickythings

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    Hello! I recently picked up this Liverpool watch signed "Willm Cain" because I like the Liver bird engraving on the cock, and it's got a Massey II, and a Thomas Helsby case. William Cain is listed in Baillie's and Loomes, though not Britten's, and there isn't really much of anything about him...
  9. shinytickythings

    18th Century Pocket Watch from Lancaster, PA

    It is fantastic that you have such a rich family history connected to it. Sorry I didn't say that to begin with.
  10. shinytickythings

    18th Century Pocket Watch from Lancaster, PA

    Unfortunately, a very anonymous watch. It's possible there may be identifying marks under the dial, but no guarantee. From everything I see, it does appear to be French and mid to late 1700's.
  11. shinytickythings

    could you help me to identify this movement.....thanks!

    I guess I could say with a fair amount of certainty that the movement is by LePhare. Very nice, high quality movement. I'm just not sure what caliber that is.
  12. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    I would think they would have sent steel, or nickel perhaps. They clearly had alternatives available. But, the book did come with this insert key of the abbreviations. It's the only bit in English.
  13. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    No problem. I'm probably near disappointed as you. The material "S" would have been silver, but honestly even that surprises me. All the best, Steve
  14. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    Downing, I'm very sad to say I can't find that one in here either. There are several listed close to that, but not that one. About all I can say is those numbers all appear to have been used around the turn of the century. 1900-1902. The closest one was #43002 and interestingly, it looks like it...
  15. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    Oh yeah! I'll be happy to. But it will have to be in the morning. Cheers, Steve
  16. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    Sadly, I'm not finding #31995 in there. It's broken down by watch type, so it's a little difficult. I could just be overlooking it in another section. Production was clearly not sequential. 31993 and 31997 are there. They both look like the same grade as 31109, the big difference being they...
  17. shinytickythings

    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    I wish I had seen this thread sooner. I guess no one has mentioned Martin Huber's excellent book "Die Lange Liste"? I have a copy, but it's all in German, so I've never been able to actually read it. It is mostly lists and descriptions, though. So, it's not too difficult to parse out some of it...
  18. shinytickythings

    New Dropbox Link for C.H. Meylan Serial Number Database

    Really great, informative stuff. Thank you, Ethan.
  19. shinytickythings

    Roskell. Litherland, Johnson, and later Russell´s

    This is all really cool, Allan. I'm a big fan of Liverpool watches and the history you are sharing is just spectacular! The coin info though, really blows my mind. I grew up with an avid coin collector. I learned a lot about it, but never really caught the bug. (shame on you for cleaning that...
  20. shinytickythings

    Can you help identify this watch?

    I'm sorry, Ludwig. I should have added, that "Warranted Crescent 20 Years" bit means it is a gold-filled or rolled gold plate case, the Warranty being not to wear down to the base metal for 20 years.

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