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  1. leeinv66

    Playing with undelete

    Can I?
  2. leeinv66

    Help Like Button

    Why do we not have the "Like" button available on any of the members only forums? Example from Member Comments on Current Motions:
  3. leeinv66

    Idle Hands

    Had nothing across my bench of interest recently, so what could I do with my idle hands? Simple grab some brass sheet, raid the parts bin and just start making. Before you know it, you end up with a movement you have no real use for :chuckling: What do you do when you get bored? Video...
  4. leeinv66

    B & Co ?

    I brought this just to keep my hands in the game. Obviously a Swiss movement in a plain gunmetal case. The seller has linked it to the Boston Watch Company and says it is a private label. I suspect none of that is correct. So, any info on who B&Co may be would be appreciated. B & Co solid gun...
  5. leeinv66

    My Wife Dropped Me In It!

    So, my wife informs me she has taken in a cuckoo clock for me to fix. A friend of her mother brought the clock back from a recent trip to Austria. So, as my wife's family originally immigrated from Austria, it seems this somehow means I don't have a choice and must fix the clock or face the...
  6. leeinv66

    Did Anyone Notice The Message Board Was Down?

    I am in Australia and all day yesterday (7:30am to 11:30pm) I was unable to access the message board or the main NAWCC sites. Was I the only? Did any other of our International members experience this outage?
  7. leeinv66

    Your Dirtiest Movement Before & After Photos

    Inspired by RC in this thread ( CLICK HERE ) on a very dirty Sessions movement I repaired, I am starting this thread so we can see the worst others have taken on. I figure we might keep some out of the junk box if we show others what is possible. To Start, this is the dirtiest Vienna...
  8. leeinv66

    Been a while!

    I brought half a dozen American movements to overhaul just to keep busy. This Sessions was the worst of them, so I thought I would get it out of the way first. I'm pretty sure if you remove the strip pallet while the mainspring is fully wound, things on the time side should move by themselves...
  9. leeinv66

    German Table/Desk Clock ID ?????

    The only marking on this one is "Foreign" at the bottom of the dial. So, I assume it is German. The 8 day, spring in barrel time only movement seems to be of quite good quality and despite its age, shows no wear. The removable escapement is an interesting feature. Does this movement look...
  10. leeinv66

    Longcase Seatboard?

    I am playing with an English 8 day longcase movement and a 13 inch painted arch dial. Eventually I will build a fairly traditional style case to house it. But at this stage a little reverse engineering is required. I figure once I make a seatboard, all other dimensions for the hood will flow...
  11. leeinv66

    Weather House Clock Won't Work!

    I made the mistake of telling my eldest daughter all mechanical clocks were repairable. I just might regret that! Any ideas on why it won't work :chuckling:
  12. leeinv66

    Japanese Galley Clock? Corrected to Gallery Clock

    Here is my latest purchase. I guess you would call it a galley clock, but I stand ready to be corrected. It is in fairly rough condition, but I have been curious about these since I saw a movement posted here a few years ago. According to Charlie Davis' wed site (Click Here) the "K" trademark is...
  13. leeinv66

    Ansonia Frying Pan or Skillet Clock

    Well, here is one I brought just because I have never seen its like before. I though it must have contained an alarm clock movement, but was pleasantly surprised to find a dual wind, eight day, Ansonia lever movement inside. It all appears original, so I assume it is a factory product. Has...
  14. leeinv66

    Scottie TX Memorial Give Away #1 - Don't Miss Out!

    For those that are interested, there is currently a give away competition underway in the clock repair forum. Don't miss out, get your entry in now! Scottie TX Memorial Give Away #1
  15. leeinv66

    What Challenge Are You Taking On?

    This is my latest challenge. Three months ago a friend of mine bet me I couldn't complete a local half Marathon walk within the four hour and forty minute cut off time. So, Sunday I will be walking 21 & 1/2 kilometers (about 13 miles) all up hill. They bill it as the world's toughest half...
  16. leeinv66

    Cincinnati 10000 Series Time Clock

    I took pity on this little time clock and it responded nicely to a little TLC. I have it working as it should, except the ribbon is dried out. I can't get a new ribbon locally, so I would need to ship one in. Before I do that, can anyone tell me if you are able to re-ink these ribbons? Stamp pad...
  17. leeinv66

    Atomized cuckoo Reconstruction Project

    Re: atomized cuckoo give away I thought it might be interesting to start a thread on reconstructing the poor little Cuckoo clock Burkhard so kindly sent me all the way from Germany. So, this might take a while as I collect the bits and pieces I need, but I will get there Copied post to start...
  18. leeinv66

    All in one Engineer's tool kit (Yes this is a joke)

    I have seen this before, but it makes me laugh every time I come across it: Click Here For A Laugh
  19. leeinv66

    Horological Puns & Jokes: Just Because We Can

    Ok, just for a little light relief, I thought I would like to hear your best Horological based joke or pun. Only rule is it must mention time or a time keeping devise. Here are a couple of oldies, but goodies to start the list: Joke: What does a clock do when it's hungry? It goes back...
  20. leeinv66

    One for all the Dog lovers

    11 scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats:whistle:. Click Here

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