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    for information

    I just thought you might like to see this label i found in the back of a pocket watch i got from a sale. I wonder what the cost would be now!!
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    I hope someone can shed some light on this watch for me. It has a 9c gold case although I have a feeling that beneath the gold is copper, not exactly gold plated but gold covered. It tests for gold all over but the inner back plate is inscribed 'cuivre' with the number 31637 below it. The...
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    any idea because i haven't

    I came across this movement and as soon as i wound it up it started and hasn't stopped since, regardless of what you do with it so there is nothing wrong with it. On the back is the number 438305 but around the edge is a metal band with ELEY'S PAT SEP 21/69 inscribed on it. I have never seen...
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    fake or not

    I have just got this pocket watch. On the inside cover it has Aubert & Klaftenberger, 157 Regent st. 26369. The only other markings on it SCM, 3 small circles and again the number 26369. There are no other markings on the case or the movement.
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    help to identify

    Could anyone help me to identify this pocket watch please. The assay mark is London 1847 with a makers mark of J.W. in a rectangle. It has no other markings on there at all.
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    unknown maker

    I bought a job lot of watches, a few pocket watches and travelling clock which were mainly rubbish but amongst them all was this. The dial is marked Brown, 22 high street, Sheffield. Inside is inscribed the same with the number 65921. The case is silver with the assay mark for Birmingham...
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    Has anyone come across this name before? I have this pocket watch with the name ERAEF with the word GENEVE beneath it on the dial as well as on the movement. Also on the movement is the number 3524. I know its not the correct minute hand on there but its the only one i have at the moment. I'm...
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    Who is this?

    I have this small pocket watch and can't seem to find anything about it. On the dial it has German Made and on the centre is the star of david with an S in it and below that is EX-EL. The movement also has german made and there is a symbol of 3 anchors linked. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks
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    any idea's please

    I have this small pocket watch that is ticking twice as fast as it should. I was told it may have oil on the hair spring but i have soaked it in petrol and hopefully removed any that may have been on there but it is still ticking twice as fast as normal. Any ideas please.
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    Makers mark

    Has anyone come across this makers mark at all? It's a beautiful runner but only has a plain dial and the case simply has 'pure nickel swiss made' on it with no numbers at all. Thanks
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    help needed

    I've searched everywhere for the name 'SANS PAREIL II' which i have on a pocket watch. It has it on the dial as well as the movement. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    I've recently got this watch and wondered if anyone could shed any light on the makers mark which is on the case and on the movement Thanks
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    Could anyone give me a date for this watch at all. It has the name Badollet Geneve on the dial and also on the movement along with the number 12956. From the style of the watch i would guess mid to late 1800's Thanks
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    Another balance cock

    I got this in a box of bits and pieces and has a balance cock that i have never come across before. I have the watch working perfectly now and it would originally have had a hunter case though that has probably been scrapped for the metal (phillistines). There are no markings on it other than...
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    I've recently got this Omega but i've never come across one in a gun metal case before and wondered if anyone knows anything about it. The case has the Omega symbol as does the movement. It has the number 3941552 and underneath this is the number 15 plus an inverted V
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    moulinie geneva

    Has anyone come across and of the not so expensive Moulinie watches? I have this nice elegant pocket watch that i've now got running perfectly (i know the minute hand is an odd one but its the only one i have at the moment). I can find details of the more expensive ones set with diamonds etc...
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    Long shot

    I've recently got this pocket watch and i'm looking for a balance wheel for it and no idea what it may look like. Has anyone come across this one? It has the number 29909 on the movement and the word Rodolph. The watch has a silver case and is 40mm across Thanks
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    Junghans face?

    I'm trying to find what the face of this pocket watch would look like. Its a Junghans with the serial number 05388 and just below the Junghans symbol is the number 29a. Also i have never seen a movement made of that sort of metal before, its doesn't have the usual brass look about it. The...
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    any identification at all?

    I just got this lovely little pocket watch which has no makers mark at all just he number 12528 on the outer case and on the movement. On the case just above the number is also the number 14 which i believe means 14ct gold as there is no wear at all on the outer case, its still as shiny as the...
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    Paper dial

    Would anyone know where i could get a paper dial like this one? The watch it comes off is a gold plated hunter that is now in perfect condition.

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