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    Gruen Dials

    Been away for years. I thought perhaps Doug or someone more familiar with Gruens could answer this question: I'm working on one of the Alpina Quadron movements a 119. The dial appears to be made from Silver. Did they ever make a dial from silver? Gruens are very interesting and cheap. I'm amazed...
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    American PW Waltham 37 8day parts

    My brother needs a crown wheel for this clock. Does anyone have a source for these parts. I believe there are two types, I can find out which he needs. Thank you
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    I just spent $75 on a variety of tiny bottles of Mobious oils. I am having trouble getting it to stick to my old multi-colored dip sticks and am looking for opinions on oilers. Are there any that are not $78 Bergeons? Also, do most of you use these tools? Thanks Dave
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    Here's a rare watch

    A 1948 Wyler Superior, their finest product at the time. Solid 14K and had never been opened. Awarded to Harry Fleishman in 1948. Original pristine roman dial, powered by a modified ETA 1080 with an Incaflex balance.
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    American PW Waltham jewel problem

    On my Waltham 6/0D sweep I've discovered a broken balance jewel. It is the lower plate jewel and is a friction fit. I have plenty of genuine Waltham plate jewels, but they are in a brass setting. Is there any way I can make one of those fit? My alternative is to get a donor movement and pop one...
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    American PW I just finished restaffing a Waltham WW2 A-11

    with the 6/0B movement. It went remarkably well considering the problems I've had in the past with staffing. I'm wondering, I happened to have a couple of genuine Waltham staffs and they seem to fit just perfectly. In the past, I've had any number of problems with generic and Swiss made staffs...
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    Jeff: the Webb C Ball watch is posted

    on the BW Raymond thread in case you are interested. I'd like to know what you think about it. Dave
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    Benrus type 1 dial

    Hi folks, I seem to have lost my Benrus type 1 dial, does anyone have a source for another? Thanks Dave
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    What is your worst tool mistake?

    For me, I had a complete Bergeon hole gauge set, the kind that you put in the jewel hole. I'd used the gauge where the pivot is placed in the jewels mounted on a plate and thought " heck, I'll never use these gauges" and sold them at a watch show for $35. What a dope, they are at least three...
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    Looking for a watch with the Lip R148

    I need a movement and the best way is to buy a working watch. The movement is a Lip R148 Date. If anyone has one, I'm interested. It is a balance wheel electric. Thanks Dave
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    How to screw up a Lip R148

    I get into the electronics area and Look, a hair! so I try and pick it up. No, it's not a hair is a tiny wire. So long stator and wire plate. Does someone have a donor Lip 148 for sale or better yet a working Lip R148 Date? I'll buy the whole watch, no problem. Thanks Dave
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    Mechanical WW How to clean a balance wheel electric?

    I bought a watch with a LIP R148 movement. It is the wheel type like a Hamilton 505. It is a 10J movement and of course doesn't work. I'd like to clean and oil it and see if that helps. I have an ultrasonic w/water based cleaner and an L&R w/Nofoam. Can either of these be used without destroying...
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    American PW Walthambarmy-mainsprings

    Mike: what movement was the spring for? Others who may need springs: I have hundreds, blue and white. Ask and if I have have spares for what you need I'll send them. I know what I don't have is modern ETA autos, but for practically any manual wind I'll have them. No whittnauers some Longines...
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    Cary: Here's a Gruen

    I've had this thing for 20 years it is a Poor Man's Prince for me. The movement is a 6 3/4X11" only marked Gruen 167. Is this one of the Aegler movements? The whole thing is original and runs pretty well considering I never do anything to it. A great dress watch. Time...
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    I just got an Email from Juliet, in fact two

    She says she is romantically interested in me after reading my NAWCC profile. I'm thrilled and she will be joining me here in America as soon as I send her $10K so she can sell her goats and catch a flight here. Are watches wonderful or what?
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    Super Compressor stem needed or name of part

    Hi Folks, I've been gone for years but I stopped by to see if you guys could help me find this part. It is a star gear that screws into a crown at 2:00 and turns the internal bezels of Super Compressor cases. I know they are out there because watches are being manufactured as we speak. I just...
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    Seeking Rectangular Watch

    Roger: If vintage isn't an issue and you want a good watch, look into the new Hamilton watches. They are really interesting watches with new high quality ETA movements or quartz, and are very retro in style, often duplicating the original designs such as the Pacer, Ventura etc. They are very...
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    Paulsons Master Key book

    A year or so, someone was looking for this book. Could you please email me@ Thanks, DHH
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    New Rolex Daytona--fewer parts.

    Ron: It's all a matter of design. As an example, last night I cleaned an AS1580 and an ETA 2451. Both are automatic movements of approximately the same vintage, They both have their good and bad points. The train of the AS goes together a lot easier than the ETA, but has about 5 more parts. The...
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    Is this possible?

    This would be a big mistake. The preferred case material for watches has always been solid gold or steel. RGP or gold filled is somewhat less desirable and electroplating would be dead last. It would be something like taking a nice vintage Corvette and spray painting it in your yard with cans...
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