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  1. Dave Chaplain

    The Elgin Medal: Request for Known Specimens

    I have BWR 337,084 so I had to double check my number! :)
  2. Dave Chaplain

    Marine: Marine Chronometer Picture Gallery

    Love it Rhett, but daggg, that's a funny looking Hamilton! o_O;)
  3. Dave Chaplain

    American Calendar:

    P/L, I agree with your description. But would you also say that it's a Swiss Fake frame that someone applied the Calendar patent to, ie, that someone made good use of a Swiss Frame?
  4. Dave Chaplain

    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    I've not taken it down. It appears that only the top of the top plates are "silvered" (what would be a better term for this example?). If I take it down I'll post pics!
  5. Dave Chaplain

    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    Rick, I "have" it, but not quite "in hand"! Here's my other picture of it that is readily available ...
  6. Dave Chaplain

    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    pmwas, I have seen one other 7 jewel Elgin "2-tone" ... :)
  7. Dave Chaplain

    (Elgin) Private Label Research

    I'm also a Dave C., but I know you're referring to our moderator, Dave Coatsworth! My earliest examples of pat regs with double sunk dials are Stuart models in the 61,xxx number range. And the next one I have is a grade 101 private label in the 215,xxx range. But the problem is that we...
  8. Dave Chaplain

    Hamilton 3992B

    I'd imagine that the "adj 2 posn" designation for an HS3 Deck Watch was a minimum number of adjustments, and maybe the lowest number of adjustments from among the approved HS3 deck watch suppliers? I've seen WWII era Elgin grade 581's, with 21(22) jewels and adjusted to 5 positions, that were...
  9. Dave Chaplain

    An Omega strange key wind movement

    I'd normally defer to Enrico, but for this one I have to say that they may have been very popular in England, but examples of this Omega keywind are very rare, IMHO!
  10. Dave Chaplain

    Marine: Hamilton 36 size Chronometers

    Two more: 1260157 - silver case with no markings to rear, winding indicator is present 1260642 - gimbaled, winding indicator is present 1260911 - gimbaled, winding indicator is present (previously reported)
  11. Dave Chaplain

    Master Navigation Watches: A-9; A-13; 5740; and 5740-1

    On closer inspection the contract order number marked on the case for sn 40470553 has an additional numeral and the full case makings are: TYPE A-13 SPEC. NO. AN-GG-W-108 SER. NO. AC42-4781 MFRS. PART NO. 1786 ORD. NO. W535AC-28071 ELGIN And additionally, sn 40470707 is also in an A-13...
  12. Dave Chaplain

    Elgin 16s convertible Dial

    I can't vouch for how correct these dials are, but here's a list of convertible movements that I have observation notes on: SN Date Size Jewels Finish Adj Reg Grade Dial Type Dial nums Dial attr 00,600,971 1878 16 15 G ADJ E_Std 49 S BR...
  13. Dave Chaplain

    Bigelow, Kennard & Co.

    None of the three I show have Bigelow dials ... I was responding to the interesting discussion about the 12s model 1894 side by side comparisons made here, and an issue with the pics being available, but if the moderator wants to move or copy my post to a 12s Riverside thread that's ok with me! :)
  14. Dave Chaplain

    Bigelow, Kennard & Co.

    In case these are of any interest ... 7M, 10M and 14M range 12s model 1894 Riverside, from stock photos which are not all great ...
  15. Dave Chaplain

    Marine: Marine Chronometer Picture Gallery

    Thank you all for sharing the nice pictures and your knowledge! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! :)
  16. Dave Chaplain

    18 size Bunn Special Research Thread

    I think these were only made in two time frames, something like 1912-13 and 1919, rather than there being continuous production. So differences between the two time frames might be expected? And aren't the serial numbers provided by marking_time model 5 rather than model 4 movements? My...
  17. Dave Chaplain

    Private Label photos ... All 50 states

    I think Dave Coatsworth posted an Illinois PL from N. Dakota, but maybe only in the Illinois PL thread...
  18. Dave Chaplain

    Marine: Marine Chronometer Picture Gallery

    Hi Alan, I see both text and pictures here on my browser (Google Chrome) so I don't know what to tell you. Are you signed in? Maybe try a different browser to see if your results change? It just occurred to me that you may not be able to read my note here, so I'll PM you! lol Dave
  19. Dave Chaplain

    Hamilton 992E in Waltham/Wadsworth Case (wrong case)

    Terry, as best I can make it out: 2575901 ... tho the 9 could be an 8 ...
  20. Dave Chaplain

    Tracking Elgin grade 150 pendant set to grade 277 lever set conversions

    I appreciate all of the detail you've provided 49stude63, and that which you continue to provide - as well as your thoughts, speculations, etc. I speculate that some number of PS 150's were held in stock to continue to meet the retail need for the already well advertised gr 150 PS product, and...
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