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  1. anurag

    Ansonia "Racket" table clock- 3 key

    I recently got an Ansonia Racket Table clock- 3 key function (like a wehrle). I have never seen such before, probably very few were table clocks made by Ansonia. it has a brass body. one of the 3 springs is missing, one is broken, trying to get it restored. the dial is placed upside down also...
  2. anurag

    Kienzle 2 key wall clock

    Dear Friends I have recently acquired a kienzle wall clock. please have a look at the pics attached. It would help if I can get the approximate date of manufacture and any other information about the kienzle. the movement appears in good condition / less used, dial is original. thank you
  3. anurag

    Ansonia short drop - paper label intact

    Please have a look at this Ansonia which I found, its body is very original, with paper label still intact which I usually don't find much. please let me know how original the dial is... and dating of the clock.. movement picture will post shortly thanks
  4. anurag

    Smith table clock

    Please shed some light on this Enfield Smith clock. Dating and condition etc.. as i have no idea about these clocks...I have found this one and would like to have it for my collection ...thanks
  5. anurag

    Ansonia Long Drop Regulator Clock

    Attached are some pics of Ansonia Long drop regulator. The movement picture is not available right now but clock dial and pendulum and body seems quite original. Also the glass seems original which is difficult to find.. Any comments about authenticity and dating of the clock would be welcome...
  6. anurag

    Seth thomas regulator with alarm function

    Please refer to the pictures of a seth thomas regulator with skeleton dial and alarm function... any information would be appreciated...the dial is original but body is slightly polished... i saw one on ebay but the body was different as it had fancy medallions embossed on the body but it had...
  7. anurag

    Seth Thomas - Please identify

    Hi Need help in identifying the seth thomas clock - year of make and originality...please check the pictures attached ...does it have the gong where the chime hammer strikes? these are the only pictures i have as of now...... any information will be highly appreciated. regards anurag
  8. anurag

    Ansonia Short Drop regulator

    I recently picked up an Ansonia Short drop regulator... got the clock movement checked , its working fine...the pendulum is heavy than that of a seth Thomas ....pendulum Is not of Ansonia though but is working well with the movment.... what will be date of manufacture of this clock ? and can...
  9. anurag

    Seth Thomas Short drop regulator

    I have come across a Seth Thomas regulator recently. the clock has remnants of the original paper label inside (just refer to a label pic attached, its a similar label), this label type was used around the year 1915..... though the clocks is located in india the original paper label indicates...
  10. anurag

    SEIKOSHA CLOCK identification

    Pictures of Seikosha clock is attached. It has a beautiful original label inside..please comment on the year of make and originality. thanks
  11. anurag

    Seth Thomas regulator dating

    Please help in identifying the date of manufacture of this Seth thomas clock. thanks
  12. anurag

    Ansonia Regulator- American make

    Please comment on the ansonia clock attached...dial and body look very original...inputs on the date of manufacture and originality would be a great help....thanks
  13. anurag

    Swiss time box shape wall clock

    I recently came across a swiss time box type pendulum clock. It looks quite original . please have a look , would be happy to know about the date and other details about the clock, about its originality. the dial says "Swiss Time" , service guaranteed. thanks
  14. anurag

    Ansonia Mantle clock dating

    I have recently got an Ansonia Mantle Clock. Pictures are attached. Please share any information on its date of manufacture and actual name of the clock.
  15. anurag

    Require Identification of 2 Ansonia Clocks - Authentication and dating of clocks

    I have two ansonia clocks; 1. One regulator- Did Ansonia made round top long drop clocks? the dial though has genuine aged look 2. 2nd clock has a brass ring ...missing glass would appreciate information on both of these. pictures are attached. Thanks
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