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    Franz Hermle Mainspring ID

    The time: 12 x .42 x 1100 in mm strike 12 x .34 x 1150 per Hermle Service manual.
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    Pocket Watch Boxes

    Giving a Waltham pocket watch to each of two individuals as a gift and seeking a source of boxes that might look decent. Don't need to be genuine Waltham boxes, of course, but something a pocket watch would look nice in. Thanks in advance.
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    Help with a Mauthe verge

    The later Mauthe units were actually made by Hermle and both parts and movements are available. Are there any #'s on the movement?
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    How do you measure your time track?

    It is the diamter of the circle outside the numbers.
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    Replace face or movement on battery-operated wall clock

    Many material houses sell hand and/or gear pullers. Well worth the money.
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    Revere Westminster Chime Bar Needed - HELP!

    I might have something, but it is vital to supply some facts. What is the length of the longest or shortest rod end to end? Is the chime block marked?
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    Hermle runs here, stops there

    It would help to know if it was cable or chain and if you ran it with dial on or off at the shop. Assuming cable coils not overlapped or no dial interference, check to make certain that the leader is not touch the front or rear of the crutch slot or pin, also the lightest weight goes on the...
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    Hermle 1171-850 Parts

    I do have the movement if you do not find the pars. Although the new movement will definitely interchange with yours, there were some design improvements in the escapement, and it is possible that you parts are obsolete. Please e-mail me if interested or check our site at
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    Jauch repair

    Jeremy Stepp at will have it. You need to give him the info from the rear plate of the unit. We have a retrofit for the entire unit using a Hermle. Contact me privately if interested.
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    Tune up book

    There is no book on how to overhaul that specific movement. If you have a lyre pendulum, the weight specs are: strike 4.5 lbs time 6.5 lbs chime 6.5 lbs Both the chains and weights can be obtained from material supply such as Black Forest Imports. Considering that you have missing parts in...
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    Kieninger Cable Drive

    The SKS and KSU are totally different movements. The SKS is a chain wind grandmother sized unit and the KSU is the larger grandfather cable wind triple chime. The winding arbours are not removable separate from the drum and the entire drum will need replaced. Since the unit is from 1981, you...
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    help needed with Schatz mantel clock reassembly

    If I am understanding your situation correctly, these L-brackets are to stabilize the chime rods during shipping and are not needed at all. If you really wish to install them, they attach to the lower plate and one serrated jaw faces down while the other faces up. Mark A. Butterworth...
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    Kieninger Strike Sequence

    First, if you have a triple chime unit, you should have 4 settings. It might be possible that the dial slot is not cut long enough to get the 4th one. You can determine that by removing the dial and then checking for the 4 settings. To proplerly set the sequence, it is true that on the...
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    Grandfather Clock: B&D Movement

    Are there any other markings on the movement? Does it say made in Germany or West Germany? Mark A. Butterworth
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    Jauch Movement part needed

    Jauch is long out of business, but LaRose did buy up what they had and you might try them. Also, Timesavers carries a full line of cable. You will need to use a micrometer to get the diameter first to match it up. Mark A. Butterworth
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    jauch weights

    It varied, but most used about 9 lb for the chime and time and 8 lb for the strike. Mark A. Butterworth
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    Clock Movements

    There are three basic sources for these units-Asia, India, and Germany. If you are interested, we carry the ones made in Germany. Please feel free to contact us at the address below. Mark A. Butterworth

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