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  1. JohnL

    Hamilton 18's Motor Barrel

    Excellent post Rhett. Thanks for the scans too!
  2. JohnL

    Illinois 16 size grade 177 Question

    I agree with Fred, my only add in terms of why the 179's seem to bring stronger prices, would be that some of these Grade 179's were marked with Railroad lines, such as Little's B&O, C&O Specials...etc. That would certainly add to a stronger premium paid for 179's bearing those specially...
  3. JohnL

    union pacific loaner talk

    Jeff Thanks for posting this thread, I for one, enjoy reading these minutes from the inspector meetings and find it a pretty interesting insight to the concerns these men had at this moment in time. Great stuff! John
  4. JohnL

    Watch catalogs

    Don are there any plans to put the Hamilton ledgers onto CD or Online so members can either purchase or access this information? I think this is a great start to put catalogs onto CD's and/or put the info online. Regards John
  5. JohnL

    Hampden "Golden Gate Special"

    Re: Hampden I own one of these as well. Serial 701,920 - HC - dial signed "Hampden Watch Co:" in gothic lettering. Movement signed like the other person who has serial # 701,917.
  6. JohnL

    It's back

    I saw that the RR corner was back as well, pleasantly surprise!:thumb:
  7. JohnL

    South Bend Ephemera

    Nice thread guys! Thanks for posting these images!
  8. JohnL

    Ball & Co. vs. Railroad Watch Co.

    Doug, Great Watch! thanks for posting it. I remembered when you got it! Thats a beauty and extremely difficult to find 18s Ball double sunk Railroad dials that are as nice as that one. The movement condition is nothing to sneeze at either! :clap:
  9. JohnL

    Rockford grade 500

    Beautiful watch, thanks for posting it!
  10. JohnL

    Burlington Special

    Gorgeous Burlington Dial Sabrina!:o First colored Illinois dial specifically marked Burlington Special, that i've seen anywhere..... Thanks for posting pictures of it. Great Watch!
  11. JohnL

    19j Bunn Model 8.... there IS one out there.....

    Great Post T. Thanks for the pictures too! Great Watch!
  12. JohnL

    Hayden Wheeler Watch Co

    JC Great Watch! Great Picture! Glad you've not lost the "watch bug" :biggrin:
  13. JohnL

    Ball Boxes Revisited..

    Your right Terry, what was I thinking??? :wink: Marked " BARS & SWIVELS "
  14. JohnL

    Ball Boxes Revisited..

    Terry, thanks for the reminder, I didn't even think to post this one. Kent - I remember now reading that quote from Jeff's paperwork he had from the ball collection. Interesting ball's use of terminology of those he traded the watches off to. Ball Shipping box, marked " Balls & Swivels " on...
  15. JohnL

    Ball Boxes Revisited..

    Great postings guys. Great Ball items! So...what did Ball do with all those 18s watches that were traded? Were they wholesaled out?
  16. JohnL


    HI is it possible to see a dial picture of this nice watch? thanks~
  17. JohnL

    Kendricks Ball photos....finally.

    I've also heard of 2 more being reported in the Boston area, ball Kendricks watches.
  18. JohnL

    Kendricks Ball photos....finally.

    Hi Rich Great Watch! I remember you telling me about this one. Thanks for posting pictures of it. Are you still in the same area? Congrats on your new addition! John LaCambria
  19. JohnL

    Interstate Time Watch of the Month

    Glad you've decided to restart the "watch of the month" page. I for one have always looked forward to seeing these nice watches each month that are picked, as well as the super photography of each watch, dial and movement!! :smile:
  20. JohnL

    Hayden Wheeler

    Bill would it be possible for you to post a picture of the dial and movement? thanks

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