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  1. DeanT

    Renaissance automata

    Pretty sure this hasn't run for at least a decade or two given the state of the movement. But when the sides of the case were taken off the animals on the carousel moved to novicetimekeeper's surprise so he kindly took a video and some photos. The statue on top moves an arm with a sword but it...
  2. DeanT

    John Robey's new book on Gothic Clocks and Lantern Clocks

    Happy Friday! Received my copy of John Robey's new book on Gothic Clocks to Lantern Clocks this morning. Its just been printed last week. The title is Short-Duration clocks and Rural clocks 1480-1800. Lots of great photos of individual clocks If you have an interest in that area of horology...
  3. DeanT

    Dutch striking longcase

    Hi, I'm looking to restore a English longcase circa 1705-10 back to internal countwheel from a later rack strike system. However, when I toll the minute wheel off I discovered the original configuration was likely a type of Dutch striking on the quarters. The reverse minute wheel was pinned...
  4. DeanT

    James Markwick Marquetry Longcase

    Month going longcase clock by James Markwick Junior circa 1700.
  5. DeanT

    Help Broken dial foot

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice on how to fix a broken foot on a chapter ring from a 1720’s lantern clock. Unfortunately there’s isn’t much meat to play with as the foot was broken off with about 3mm on one side and 2mm on the other. It would appear the original hole was too close to the...
  6. DeanT

    French Pendule Religieuse by Chauvin of Lyon

    French Pendule Religieuse by Chauvin of Lyon. The style of the movement is very early pendulum and follows the layout of the original Coster design. Key features are central winding hole and time only movement. The size of the movement is 15.5cm by 10cm but the barrel is 8.5cm in diamter and...
  7. DeanT

    Parkinson and Frodsham

    Renovators delight...bits missing and broken pivots...I wanted to collect and learn about chronometers so here's my chance o_O I may well have paid overs but its a great learning opportunity. Good news is it is 50 km from the guy who restores my clock cases so will be at his workshop in a day...
  8. DeanT

    Lockdown keys

    Stuck is COVID lockdown..good time to learn how to make keys for bracket clocks. The photo has one original from 1720 and three I’ve made.
  9. DeanT

    St Isaac's cathedral St Petersburg Foucault pendulum

    My fascination with the pendulum started a long time ago when I visited St Isaac's cathedral when travelling through Russia on the trans Siberian express in 1979 with my parents. Yes my parents took me to some very exotic locations when i was young. We took a visit to Leningrad as it was then...
  10. DeanT

    Filling small cracks and gaps in ebonized case

    Hi all, Would someone be able to give me recommendations for the appropriate filler for small cracks and gaps in a fruitwood bracket clock case to be ebonized (black filler)? Thanks in advance. Cheers Dean
  11. DeanT

    Moulding repair

    Hi, I've stripped this fruitwood case back to bare wood to ebonize which was its original finish. The case has shrunk about 3 to 4mm fron to back leaving a gap on the back lower moulding which the previous repairer has partially filled. Due to the shrinkage the side mouldings are 3 to 4mm too...
  12. DeanT

    Case key

    Had some fun making a key for my bracket clock case.
  13. DeanT

    Lantern clocks what have you got?

    Stuck in isolation and noting the interest in the dial and hooded wall clock threads I thought i'd start one on lantern clocks. So post photos of your lantern clocks.... I'm interested to see what people have! Here's a couple to start, a miniature lantern by Clarke for the Turkish market...
  14. DeanT

    Lantern clock

    Unsigned lantern clock which was previously center verge but now anchor escapement. Would be thinking its somewhere around 1680's and in serious need of a clean. Cheers
  15. DeanT

    Barrel Arbours

    Hi, I need to make a new barrel arbour for a late 18thC English bracket clock (its dated 1794 behind the chapter ring). Are barrel arbours of this vintage normally hardened or can I simply burnish the pivots to harden them? A file seems to cut the existing broken one so i feel like it not...
  16. DeanT

    Clock graffiti on 1760 bracket clock

    Its a little hard to read in the photo but the clock has been inscribed with: "Peel defeated by a majority of 27 in the House of Commons 7 April 1835" This refers to the vote of no-confidence in Sir Robert Peel as PM and his subsequent resignation. He was replaced as PM by the Viscount of...
  17. DeanT

    Unusual Strike/Silent lever

    Hi, is anyone familiar with this type of strike/silent lever system? There is a crude replacement which I’d like to put back to original. It’s different from the norm where the strike/silent lever pushes an arbour in/out to activate the lifting piece which is kept in place by a spring in the...
  18. DeanT

    An old german thingy....

    Another renovators delight. Turmchenuhr circa 1590's based on the iron wheels but brass fusee and brass spring barrels with iron end caps. Statue of Minerva on the top with a ring of warriors around the canopy. I suspect there was originally automaton of under the canopy judging by the hole in...
  19. DeanT

    Source of clock case finials

    Thinking about maybe re-instating some finals on this English Georgian clock case. Circa 1760-70. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to source good quality finials? If I can't find anything decent I might try to plug the holes a bit better. Cheers

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