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    Any shorthand experts....?

    Not even sure if this is shorthand though it's been suggested to me that it could be Pitman's Shorthand. I found it scrawled on one of the plates of an English double fusee I'm currently working on. I'm used to names and dates, but nothing like this and I wondered if it has any meaning. Ralph. N.Z.
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    John Harrison and the Quest for Longitude Jonathan Betts

    This is said to have been published in February, 2020, but I wondered if it was a re-hash of Bett's earlier work on Harrison. Does anyone know ? Don't want to get it and find that I essentially have it already. Thanks, Ralph.
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    Has anyone made John Wilding's Skeleton clock ?

    If so I'd be interested to hear what mainspring you used, and if you had to increase the barrel size. I'm currently completing one for a family whose horologist father started one 20 years ago, but never completed it. Having worked my way through various issues I now find that the mainspring...
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    Clock ID

    Here's a simple one for the experts. I'm guessing Asian, 1980s or 90s. Hard to see but the symbol/logo on the dial appears to be a small two handled jug, or urn. Two key holes so probably striker only, or bimbam. I'd be surprised if someone here hasn't seen one exactly the same and can give me...
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    The recent thread about "sharpening pegwood" moved a little into types of workers, and their workshops. I find pictures of tools/workshops more interesting than those of yet another punched up bearing, so thought I'd start a thread about workshops. As I'm the OP I'd better put up some pics of...
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    Did something clever for once....

    When I went to use my depthing tool to check the mesh of a barrel that I'd inserted some new teeth into, I realized the runners were too thin, and I was going to have to make some fatter caps to fit on the end. To make them with the necessary precision wasn't going to be the work of a moment...
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    Been polishing and cleaning again........

    I bought this topping tool at an auction several months ago with the idea of cleaning it up as a display piece. Had to make a base and a stand for it to sit on, plus a little box for the stumps and cutters. Does work OK as I tried it out of curiosity. Ralph.
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    Mystery lathe tool.

    I suspect I need a watchmaker to identify this as it is "WW Patent", and has a taper appropriate for a watchmaker's lathe. The front internal taper is not attached to the rear male taper, but is able to revolve. Looks like it could be used to contract a wire circlip onto a shaft, but really I...
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    Seen these pliers before ?

    These came in a box of clock bits at auction. They look like they'd be good for squeezing a small wheel off an arbor. One jaw slotted, the other has a moveable block. They won't work at removing hands because the curve of the handle prevents you getting the slotted jaw under the hands. Swiss...
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    If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing.......

    Finally had some spare time to finish a depthing tool I started 20 years ago. It worked fine, and I've been using it for years, but it looked rather rough, and annoyed me everytime I looked at it. I know looks don't matter, but I find it relaxing to polish, and blue, a tool into near...
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    Who does this trade mark belong to ?

    A customer would like to know a bit more about their clock and I was hoping someone may know this trade mark. And if you know the significance of the number I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Ralph.
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    What am I doing wrong ?

    Only on my Ipad, and only on this forum, I occasionally can't read threads. After one, or two, characters a new line starts and I get a post that looks li ke this an dit is ann oyi ng. I know it'll be obvious, but how do I prevent it ? Thanks, Ralph.
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    Unusual tool, what is it ?

    I bought this at an auction recently because it looked interesting. There were other tools as well so it wasn't just this that caught my eye, but it does look fascinating. Problem is.....what is it.....? Ralph. P.S. I'm off to check Mr Crom's book and see if he can help.
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    Unusual pliers

    I acquired these in a box of stuff that came from a retired watchmaker. They seemed to have been made for a specific purpose i.e. not "general" purpose. They are graduated 1, 2, 3, and are marked "TOP". Can't be that useful as they appear unused. Any idea what they are for ? Thanks, Ralph.
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    Microset problems

    I find my Microset invaluable and wouldn't be without it. However......, since purchasing it I've had to repair both the acoustic,and the optical,pick-up. In each case the problem has been the coarse wire used which has broken, initially giving intermittent faults. In the case of the acoustic...
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    OK you English longcase experts.....

    This is a clock I bought as a wreck and have recently finished restoring, ( with the help of my cabinet maker). How old do you reckon it is ? The maker is "Budgen, Croyden", but it seems he had sons and grandsons who were also clockmakers, so quite a time period is spanned. It's been suggested...
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    Fusee movement I.D.

    A customer has 2 or 3 of these he's picked up over the years from retired clock repairers. They didn't know their origins, and neither do I. It looks like it belongs in some sort of recording device rather than a clock. It's 8 day, and well made. I can guess as well as you, but I was hoping...
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    What happened to the BHI "Workshop Tips" page.

    It has been a long time since I've been into the British Horological Institute's site and had a look at their "tips" page. However, when I try it seems to have disappeared. Do you now have to be a member, or have they hidden it in some tricky place ? Ralph.
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    New Hermle movement slowing....

    I have a feeling there's a recent post about this but I can't find it. ( Entering anything to do with "Hermle" in the search function here slows the entire Internet down.....). A couple of months ago I installed a new, (2013), 451-053 3 chain l/c movement. Prior to installation I carefully...
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    The Crom books

    Does anyone know if Gary Crom is still selling his father's books ? If so, does anyone have a phone number for him as I recall he tended not to answer emails. Thanks, Ralph. N.Z.

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