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    How to replace pinion, which punch?

    I have a common 16s Elgin (model 291, 7j). The 4th wheel has a broken pinion. I have a spare pinion. I removed the broken pinion and was ready to stake the new one on to the wheel. I stopped. I have never done this. Am I using the right punch, I asked myself. I was about to use a flat hole punch...
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    Recommendations for a timing machine?

    If anyone a recommendation for an inexpensive timing machine, I'd like to know. I've done a google search. They seem to come in around $150 to $250. Anything that just gives the beat? Don't need a print out. Thanks. John
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    Elgin 12s: location of guard pin--where?

    I've been futzing with a common movement, an Elgin 12s. When the movement is completely run down, i.e. no power being transmitted through the train and the balance is in the equilibrium position, where should the guard pin line up with respect to (1) the banking pins and (2) the lever? Should...
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    16s 7j Elgin with double roller

    Seems odd to me that a rather lower grade watch as this 7j Elgin IS/N 1998664) should have a double roller. This one has damaskeened nickel plates. I have the same movement in brass; single roller. i looked the serial number up in two databases. The descriptions are spot on, just no mention of...
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    Winding arbor bushing--how much bigger?

    I have a job in mind but may be awhile before I get to it. The winding arbor needs to be bushed. If I turn a bushing to the proper size, how much bigger than the hole should it be to get a proper fit?
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    Loose canon pinion--how to fix?

    I have an early 20th C time-only banjo movement that seems to have a loose canon pinion . I call it that because that's what a watchmaker would call the equivalent part in a pocketwatch. Not sure if it's the same term when applied to a clock. This "canon pinion" is just a brass tube that fits...
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    Waltham Clock Co presentation banjo?

    I've loaded up some pictures of a banjo. The well-made case and tablets seem to be by the Waltham Clock Co. The hand-painted naval scene is the Battle of Lake Champlain in 1814. The throat is also hand-painted. I've looked at many photos of Waltham banjos on the Internet, especially those on...
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    Is there an easy fix to quicken a slow-running watch?

    I just did a simple repair to a 16s, 7j Elgin. The major problem was a broken pivot on the seconds wheel, the part that held the hand. After a thorough cleaning and re-assembly the movement took off with very good motion to the balance. Noting the watch ran about three minutes slow when the...
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    Why would someone in 19th C. U.S. buy a difficult to repair fusee?

    I was just looking at Rich's Philadelphia watch (, a beauty. His watch resurrected a question I've often had: Why would someone on the US side of the Atlantic buy a complicated fusee hard to repair? Things break. The simplest lever...
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    Interesting M. I. Tobias fusee

    Cleaning house, I found this partial fusee. I think it only needs a new staff to run again. No dial and no dial plate. And certainly no case. Still, an interesting item. On a related topic, a few weeks ago I picked up an 18s Hamilton 21j Model 940. Only needed a new mainspring, which I had. No...
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    K&D Inverto Deluxe--need picture of complete set

    I just got a K&D Deluxe Inverto staking set which I know is not complete. I'd like to see a picture of the complete system. I have the complete set of reamers and probably a nearly complete set of stumps. What I can't identify is the reamer holder. And I'd like to see a picture of, well...
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    Watch Regulator needed for 18s Waltham Model 1892

    Watch is complete and running fine, just a bit slow as missing regulator. Please see picture. If you have one, or a parts watch that has one, please let me know.
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    Unknown American KW pocket watch case--can someone ID the movement

    I've had this coin silver case for more than 20 years. I don't recall where I bought it. It's a key wind and key set case, both from the back. The two holes are original. It's clearly an American case and I would date it to the 1860-70s. No movement. It looks to take an 18s. I've tried to match...
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    A catalog of Torrington movements?

    An illustrated reference exists for Terry-type movements. One can identify one's movement by using this reference. Does such an index exist for Torrington east-west movements? I've learned enough from the Internet to recognize that there are several types. Would appreciate it if someone could...
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    Clock tablet in three pieces--possible to put back together?

    I have a triple-decker by Upson Merriman. The central piece of glass is rather thin and slides in from the side behind some columns. This piece of glass is reverse painted with a geometrical design of criss-crossing straight lines. I have all the pieces, save one. Even with the missing piece...
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    Color matching on an 1830s woods work case--suggestions?

    I have a T. E. Suggs clock from Waterberry, SC. The top returns are long gone. I have nearly completed both of them (see picture). Clocks of this type and period are often the same color. Any suggestions for color matching? I will finish with an amber shellac that I prepare myself. John
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    An interesting watch that recently sold online

    Here's a link to an interesting watch that recently sold online. VERGE FUSEE Silver Cased Antique Pocket Watch by MARTINEAU LONDON - running | eBay (I changed my mind about posting this.) I believe this link will break at some point.
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    I asked a question of my American colleagues . . .

    Please have a look:Recase keywind watches--how to tell I'd be interested in whatever anyone might have to say.
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    Recase keywind watches--how to tell

    Over the years I have seen a lot of KWs advertised as if they were in their original cases. Most of these are in open face cases, whereas I think the majority of KWs--especially those from the 1860s and 70s--were originally in hunter cases. This may be true for some makers more so than others...
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    M I Tobias & Co. Massey V

    Movement is complete save the dial, motion work, hands and case. When I separated the plates, I was careful to mind the lever as it can get snagged on the potence. After I removed the lever, from between the plates, I tried to separate the plates again, very gently. Still did not come apart...

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