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  1. Kevin W.

    Clock repair rates.

    Are we allowed to discuss what we charge for clock repair rates?
  2. Kevin W.

    advertisements come up when i go to a posting.

    I am always signed in. Today, several times i went to read a posting and a advertisement came up, that i had to close, to read the posting. Wondering why is this. Did not know where ever to post this.
  3. Kevin W.

    Japy Freres clock

    Would like to get some idea as to the value of this clock. It needs a clean and oil and has a broken pallet jewel. What kind of value in current state, and what value after repairs completed. Thanks. Its a heavy clock around 40 pounds, has a Japy Freres movement. Strikes on a gong, with a brocot...
  4. Kevin W.

    My Newest find.

    I have looked a long time for a two tone Seth Thomas railroad pocket watch. Usually priced high. I found this one for 150 Can and i am very pleased with it. Keeps time to about 30 seconds a week. 18 sz, 17 jewels, adjusted 3 pos, grade 282 if i remember right.
  5. Kevin W.

    Harrasment by FB member on NAWCC group.

    Is there anything that can be done to stop harrasment from someone on this Facebook Group. He sent me a message as well calling me a nazi. I dont know if he is a member of the NAWCC.
  6. Kevin W.

    Standard electric co

    I picked this up today locally and it runs well. One question. It has a exrea wire in the back. The seller stated it was controlled by a master. Could i control this clock with my IBM master clock? Thanks everyone.
  7. Kevin W.

    Help Finally.

    I tried it again to read the most recent bulletin. As before i was signed in. This time i was able to turn it page by page. Very pleased i can see it now. Thank you to all that have answered my questions and i appreciate your patience too.
  8. Kevin W.

    Flip book of Bulletin

    I thought the flip book function was working. Went to read a bulletin today and i dont see it. Is this something that will be available sometime, so i can read the entire bulletin. Page by page on the web site?
  9. Kevin W.

    Elgin 16 sz with winding indicator.

    Hello all. I have searched for this but cant find a answer so asking here. Are Elgin pocket watches, 16 sz with winding indicators, not seen as often. Than say Waltham, did Waltham produce more than Elgin did? I recently acquired a 16 sz, B W Raymond, 19 jewels with a winding indicator. So it,s...
  10. Kevin W.

    Elgin grade 455 model 15

    Hello everyone. I just purchased this Elgin B.W. Raymond. I have had no luck in finding information on this grade,s main spring. Perhaps someone has this information and can help me? Thank you.
  11. Kevin W.

    Help How to change and where to find it.

    I saw it before but cant remember now where it was. I was going to change my pass word and have a look as to what it is, as i stay signed in all the time. I did a search with the search function, and it did not help at all.
  12. Kevin W.

    Assemble, front or back

    Working on this clock and ready to assemble. Cant see under the back plate to set up strike train. Since the posts are on back plate, would i be better off to assemble the front plate, then put back on and put the pivots into their holes.
  13. Kevin W.

    Imhof prices from the 1970,s

    I just purchased a Imhof clock from the 1970,s. I was wondering what these clocks sold for in that era? Any links to Imhof catalogs? Thanks.
  14. Kevin W.


    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians on this message board.
  15. Kevin W.

    Value of a GB 400 day clock.

    I have seen these sell for up to 500 Canadian. I realize prices realized can vary a fair bit. This clock is in running shape, all i can see is a few chips on the bottom edge of glass dome. I paid 50 dollars Canadian. I realize that was a very good price for one. My other GB 400 day clock is not...
  16. Kevin W.

    New Find GB

    This was for sale locally. The price was more than very good, on the low end. It was calling me so i bought it. Its in great shape overall. One chip on the glass dome, bottom of pendulum is marked 584, and 584 marked on back plate. Seems to run, could use some servicing. A really nice clock, no...
  17. Kevin W.

    NAWCC Banner

    Pretty sure yesterday my banner was showing. Today its gone. Wonder if anyone has a idea as to why this might be? Thanks.
  18. Kevin W.

    French crystal regulator

    A woman came to me today with a nice French crystal regulator. Nice looking clock with a mercury pendulum. Problem is the fly was lying in the bottom of the case. I was wondering how the fly could have gotten out of its position and fell out of the movement. Did a quick look at the fly and it...
  19. Kevin W.

    S Haller battery clock

    I fully understand about the clock needing needing a complete cleaning and not apply oil to pivots, to make it run reliably. BUT has anyone ever experienced a clock of this type starting up on its own? Yesterday i walked past it the pendulum was not moving. This morning i walked by and the...
  20. Kevin W.

    unmarked Waltham

    I saw a Waltham watch, so the seller says. Its marked on the dial but the movement is not marked Waltham. Did waltham not put their name on all watch movements. This is a early keywind movement. Thanks.

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