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    Cuckoo clock : help with Regula 25 movement

    Hi Chris, I would think it better to shorten the post to a point where it aligns properly with the pendulum slot in your clock case. That is assuming you have a case prepared for it to go in. The support is unusually long at the moment. The crutch wire will have to be bent a lot, top and bottom...
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    Regula Silence Lever

    According to the parts drawing the crinkly washer goes on the inside nearest to the plate.
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    Joel Warren method question

    You could try Curator case restorer or Priory polishes case restorer or Mylands furniture cleaner and reviver. These all clean - but not too aggressively. Not sure if they will make your clock shine like a dime in a goat's butt though!
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    Correct Pliers

    I have found the YouTube video. Thanks to dperry428.
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    Correct Pliers

    The Knipex 46 21 A01 Circlip pliers really do work well on the eared clips in Tyrone's original photograph. I mangled a lot of clips as well before finding out about these pliers on YouTube.
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    Removing center arbor Regula 25

    I go with JeffG. These are the tools I made up to remove the centre shaft I made up a support for the slotted plate I used a long hollow ER11 collet extension and collet to grip the shaft nearer to the plate and then tapped the end of the extension. This worked without any problems.
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    Correct Pliers

    KNIPEX Circlip Pliers (125 mm) 46 21 A01 are the recommended tool for the small eared clips I believe.
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    USB microscopes - invaluable!

    Thanks Michael for your post, I have ordered one. Recommendation is worth a lot and it looks good value. The usual frustrations with getting Amazon to provide free postage though! Look forward to using it.
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    Connect Time recorder to mains

    So you will need to drive the clocking machine with either a master clock or a pulse generator. I think National equipment generally runs at 6V DC. Try blipping a 6V DC power supply across the plug connector terminals to see that the clock moves. Probably in 30 second increments. This voltage is...
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    Connect Time recorder to mains

    Where you have photographed the two solenoids, see if there is a movable bar at one end of the solenoids. If you can depress this and the hands move, it will be pulse driven. That is how my Gledhill Brook clocks work and very possibly how your clock works. That's a good starting point. Let us...
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    Connect Time recorder to mains

    Make sure it is not intended to be pulse driven from a master clock. You definitely don't want to connect it to the mains then!
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    Siemens electric issue

    Hi, The clock should be driven by the weight alone as electrical power is only used to keep the weight at the top of its travel. Is this the case? I have rebuilt a couple of these clocks and left some notes on the Youtube video I made of one of them - . Electrical drawings can be found at the...
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    Musical cuckoo weight.

    I have tried to embed a video link showing my clock on 275's. Interested to see how attaching video works as well.
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    Musical cuckoo weight.

    Hmm. Interesting. These clocks are supposed to have 320g weights. Out of interest I have just put a set of 275's on mine and it is running perfectly well. The cuckoo is a little less racy on the lighter weights and does actually sound better. On your clock the "Axeman" does not seem to be making...
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    Help I have a weird problem with cuckoo clocks and need help

    I have a number of Schmeckenbecher animated cuckoo clocks. They all run with three 320g weights including the "wood chopper". Each presented different challenges to get operational. The sawing men are working with Germanic efficiency, 24 hours a day, and are directly driven from the escapement...
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    Schmeckenbecher Wood Cutter Clock Questions

    I happen to have a similar clock right behind me. See picture for chain run. In order to restore some "stickiness" to the rubber wheels I have found that adding one tight wrap of self amalgamating rubber tape helps.

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