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    American New Haven Whitney Banjo clock

    Question for owners of the Whitney Banjo clock. It came in two models, the just plain "Whitney" and the "Whitney Duo". Question is: does the duo strike on two rods at the same time or is it a "bim bam" strike. I was brought a Whitney Duo case without a movement. With a little luck and a lot of...
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    Wanted: Morbier red weight cord

    Looking for 2mm red weight cord for morbier clock, just tried to order some from timesavers and they advised that it was discontinued. does anyone have some available. Thanks, curly
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    Russian Submarine Clock

    Does anyone know where I could obtain a platform or just a balance staff for Russian submarine clock? Thanks in advance for any help. Curly
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    Hamilton Parts Needed

    I need a staff and regulator whip for a Hamilton 921 10 size movement. Anyone got these in their junque pile or NOS parts. Thanks in advance. Curly
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    Clockmaker and age

    A friend and I picked up this longcase clock over the weekend and I am requesting any information as to maker and age. I have attached three pictures of the dial and movement. The hood of the case is pretty well trashed and in need of extensive restoration. Apparently sometime in its life it...
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    C-5 Carbide Round

    Looking for a piece of -5 Carbide approx. 3/4 " round and approx. 1" long preferably with a 1/8 shaft in the center for a burnishing tool I am in the process of making. If anyone knows where this could be found I would appreciate a link. Thanks, Curly
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    Need Help to ID Movement

    Hi, I have a private label watch marked Guinand Bros. Ashland Wi. which I collect and would like to ID the movement in the case. I think that it is a Longines movement but not sure. Serial # is 1126596. Pictures of the movement are attached Curly
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    Inscription on Vienna Regulator

    I have a vienna regulator with the following inscribed on a metal plate above the dial: GYFLWYNEDIG IR PARCH W W Mrs ORGAN GAN EGLWYS A CHYNULLEIDFA BETHANIA CAPELY BEDYDDWYR BLAENGARWARYRACHLYSUR DI PRIDDAS AUST 1891 Can anyone help with the translation of the above...
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    Seth Thomas/Sessions Bezel

    I am in need of a 13 1/8" bezel for a Seth Thomas or Sessions short drop regulator or school clock. I have been looking for one for some time with no luck. I know that the various suppliers have them, but are the wrong hinge style and the profile is also different. Thanks for any assistance...
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    Mantle Clock Info

    Missy, In reference to your request for information on the Gilbert "Medea" This clock is listed on page 325 of Tran Duy Ly's book on Gilbert clocks. It is listed as mantel clock, wood case, walnut or oak eight day strike and with a height of 20" and a 6" dial. Date of 1891. If your local library...
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    Gilbert pendulum

    This appears to be a "Tuscan" model according to Ly's gilbert book and uses a mercury type pendulum similiar to a crystal regulator type. It is illustrated on page 264 of the Gilbert book.
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    gustav becker tambour

    I just picked up a gustav becker tambour and it is in need of repair. I have attempted to remove the movement with no luck. the chime rods and block have been removed, and also the screws on each of the four straps have also been removed and the movement still is tight in the case. Any hints on...
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    Jaeger/Lecoultre Aircraft Chrono part

    I am in need of an escape wheel for the above aircraft clock. It has no serial number that I can find and is a 13 jewel movement. The escape wheel and pinion were missing when it was purchased. Thanks for the assistance

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