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    Clock Runs Fast then Slow

    Hello everyone, I have a clock that i got done servicing that runs slows when wound up and as the mainspring starts to wind down it speeds up. I am sure there could be a number of problems but what are some common problems this could be? Would new bushings resolve this? The movement has a rack...
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    Phinney-Walker Car Clock

    Hi everyone, I have yet to receive one of these clocks on my desk, but today is the day that i did. My question is on how to remove the mainspring from the barrel or even how to remove the barrel from the plate. I have to admit that I haven't given a really hard try at this, but would like to...
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    Car Advertising

    Not sure this is the correct place to post this, if not then it can be moved. I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on getting your car wrapped or having magnets on the side of your car saying that you repair clocks. I feel like it sets you up to be a target for being robbed, but wanted...
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    House Call

    Hello everyone, I have never done a house call before, but the guy who called me up said that he has a grandfather clock and his brother next door has one too. Now chances are I am probably going to have to bring the movements with me to my shop to fix. The guy told me that the person who use...
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    Balance Staff Adjustment

    Hello everyone, I just installed a new friction fit balance staff into a hamilton pocket watch and it has no end shake. Is using a pivot burnisher the best way to reduce the height of the staff? Also should I reduce the pivot on both sides or is one side good enough? And as always I am open to...
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    Center a regulator

    Does anyone have a diagram or a website or anything that would help to know if the regulator on a wrist watch is perfectly centered when there are no tick marks that you see on pocket watches. I'm trying dynamic poisin for the first time on a watch that doesn't have those marks and I want to...
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    Hamilton 747 balance jewel

    Anyone know how to remove the cap jewel from a Hamilton 747? Do you remove the stripguard?
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    Peerless/Marshall Lathe

    I have a peerless/Marshall Lathe that Ive had for years and have had no problems up until the other day. I was using it and when I went to tighten one of the collets and noticed that the draw bar wont tighten it and that the dust cover keeps spinning around. Anyone ever seen this before and...
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    American PW Second Hand Tubing

    Anyone know where you can buy tubing to repair a second hand? I have to replace the tubing in an Elgin aircraft clock.
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    Seth thomas 124 chime

    I have a 124 that runs, strikes and for the most part chimes, but on the hour the last chime the hammer locks up and doesn't chime. Any thoughts?
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    Mechanical WW Epilame Question

    So I have been getting a couple of watches back that are running perfectly fine after I service them and then a couple of months go by and the clients call me up to say they either stopped running or they are running too slow or too fast. Could i be because I am not using Epilame on the cap...
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    Another chelsea strike question

    I have a Chelsea 4L movement I'm working on, it's running fine when I advance the hands it strikes the correct number of times at both half and hour mark. If I let it run on its own I notice that it skips over the single strike and goes straight to the double strike. Anyone experience this
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    Chelsea ship clock question

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    girard perregaux 980-104 movement

    Anyone know of an ETA equivalent to this girard perregaux 980-104 movement? Thanks
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    Chelsea ship clock

    Hello everyone, I had a guy stop by my shop today with Chelsea ship clock that needs to be serviced. I have serviced plenty of clocks in the past but have not had one of these on my bench yet. My question is how hard are these to service and should I just have him send it to a service center...
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    Watch specialties co

    Does anyone know where to get parts for this movement. I believe this is made by gruen. It has C & D S (I think that's the order of the letters) on the movement and dial. Thanks.
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    Regula Cuckoo Clock Snail Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a Regula Cuckoo Clock I am working on and i noticed the snail is very loose is there anyway to tighten it? Thanks
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    Hamilton 4992B Center Second Wheel

    Hello everyone, I had a gentleman contact me about servicing his Hamilton 4992B watch and I know that you have to gently pry the center second wheel off from what I have read. Can anyone tell me if there is any special instructions on putting it back on? Also any tips or tricks would be very...
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    Omega movement

    Hi everyone, I have a ladies omega watch that was retrofitted with a quartz years back the lady want the mechanical back in, my question is how can you tell what movement will work as the original is long gone? I bought an 1100 and that fits the case great but the dial has a slight curve and the...
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    tighten hands on a quartz watch

    Hello everyone, Anyone have any suggestions on how to tighten a loose minute hand on a quartz watch that doesn't have a tube? Thanks

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