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    Surface Rust on Arbors

    Hi Guys, Here in Oxnard,CA we have a real problem with moisture,here today it is about 85% humidity where I live about a half mile from the beach.I have battled the rust problem for years and I use the same procedure as Casboy except for the final rinse I use L&R's watch and clock rinse and I...
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    Antique Clock & Watch Fair in Furtwangen

    This is how it must look in heaven.
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    Innovative Clock Repair Technique

    Thanks for the laugh. Dutch
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    Something to relax by

    thanks for posting, there were things I have never seen before, Dutch
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    400 Day Bentima Would Like To Run.

    I'm thinking that oiling the pivots might help, couldn't hurt.
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    Climbing a Tower

    Thanks for sharing, it's good to know that there people brave enough to do this. It scares me just watching.
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    Earthquake and clock

    The last earthquake we had didn't stop any of my clocks but started one grandfather that was not running.
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    Why one plastic gear?

    I have seen this when taking apart those electric motors that were not made to take apart. The plastic gear has usually failed.
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    Golden Hour Running Fast

    I think you will find the ring gear has come loose from the glass, just glue it back and you are good to go.
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    4th of July Giveaway

    And the winner is #82 for me.
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    Singing Bird Pistols Video

    I want one
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    A Pivot gauge for Bergeon Bushings

    I like your method Ray.
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    Herschede Headache

    I had the same problem with mine and found the blades on the fan to be out of balance.
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    Sympathetic Vibration

    Great video, shows the problem but what do you do to solve it ?
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    Float balance won't adjust

    Always wondered, do you hold the wheel and move the fingers or hold the fingers and move the wheel ?
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    JUF Mantle Clock.

    Beautiful clock Ivan, I have never seen one like it.
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    pedulum adjustment

    I like the speed up slow down. I had always used a little rhyme, lower is slower
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    Inside an antique clock

    Great pictures, looks like with a good cleaning you're all set.
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    Naphtha is Dead, Long Live?

    Hi Kim, What in the world is AQMD and what are we campers to do if they have banned Coleman fuel ? I have always finished my rinse with L&R rinse solution because I like the looks of the parts and I feel it adds some protection against rust which is important here next to the ocean. I start...
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    Original (historical) cost of 400 day clocks?

    I think $25.00 would be a good ball park figure. At one time there was such a glut on the market I saw an advertisement for one at $6.95.

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