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  1. Jeff

    IBM Master clock model 35 Parts?

    I just bought a IBM master clock Model 35. The oiler for the motor shaft ( right side) is missing. Can you get parts and a service manual for that clock? Thanks Jeff
  2. Jeff

    Hermle movement cleaning

    Is there anyway to clean a Hermle movement without taking it apart? Thanks Jeff
  3. Jeff

    New Haven Count Wheel

    I've been working on a New Haven Banjo clock Movement. The gear that drives the count wheel on the strike side is cracked and is slipping. I don't think there is a replacement I can get. What would be the proper way to repair that gear. It is a press fit.
  4. Jeff

    Hermie 141/20 movement

    I bought a Hermle 141/20-38cm movement for a clock I'm building. I has a front preformed suspension spring with a hook. What type of bob should I use? The spring is 5"11/16. Total length should be "14.9606. I can get a longer spring. I know I can put on just about any thing, but I want it to...
  5. Jeff

    Bush off center

    If you have a bush that is off center, What is the best way to correct it?,and what is the better way to bush,with a hand bush or a bushing machine? Jeff
  6. Jeff

    urgos movement

    Has anyone work on a Urgos movements? I just got one that is need of repair. It quit striking on the hour. I got it in the shop and it seems to have some wear on the strike side. The frame don't look very thick. So it needs to be rebushed. I don't the weak parts of the movement. Is there...
  7. Jeff

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I've been looking to buy a ultrasonic Machine. I just work on clocks.What would be a good size that would most of my needs? Jeff
  8. Jeff

    Clock Timer

    I have a Time trax *** clock timer and I use it alot . Is the Microset 2 clock timer a better timer? It reads like it would be a better timer. Jeff
  9. Jeff

    Cable Knot

    I'm putting a nylon cable on a 8lb weight. What is the best knot to use that will not come undone? Thanks Jeff
  10. Jeff

    Brass or Gut cable?

    On older Clocks make in the 1800's,did they use brass or gut cable on the weights? The reason is ,I installed a brass cable that was rated at 40lbs on a weight that was about 8lbs and it broke in less than a year. This clock was a triple decker. Is gut less likely to brake than brass? Thanks Jeff
  11. Jeff

    Waterbury, Gilbert

    Did Waterbury make movements for Gilbert?,and for how long? Jeff
  12. Jeff

    Attaching a paper dial

    What is the best way to attaching a paper dial to a old dial? I've tried diffrent ways ,but is there a tried and true way to do it? What type of glue? Jeff
  13. Jeff

    Clock movements

    I have over the years acquired clock case's with no movements. For example a Seth Thomas Gallery clock #5 case. It is a nice case,but I cannot find a movement for it. I been looking for one on e-bay and other, is there a source, or a way to match up a old movement with a new...
  14. Jeff

    Clock bushing repair

    What type of repair is this on a bushing and is it a common practice? Jeff
  15. Jeff

    Clock Bushings

    Never got around to use the bushing tool that much. I've been working on clocks for a hobby for awhile,but never had to use the tool that much. I have a hand bushing tool as well as a K@D. When ordering bushing are there sizes that are used more than others? I just been working on clocks and I...
  16. Jeff

    motion work Gilbert

    Where can I get a motion work for a Gilbert movement #38. Are alot of the motion work the same for the Gilbert movement? My hand is not pinned,but has a hand nut. I know I can look on e-bay for a movement ,but wasn't sure about interchange between the diffrent Gilbert's. Jeff
  17. Jeff

    movement frame

    I'm working on a Gilbert movement. Someone has bent the plate in diffrent places. Is it worth the repair to try to straighten the plate or am I heading for trouble later? Jeff
  18. Jeff

    Schwarzwald wall clock

    I bought a Schwarzwald clock case on e-bay. Does anyone know who made the movement for that clock? It is a wall clock. Jeff
  19. Jeff

    Screw in type bushings

    Does anyone use the screw type bushings? If so what do you think of it? Jeff
  20. Jeff

    Bim Bam clock

    What is the purpose of the Bim Bam clock? Was that to confuse people? I never understood why anyone would make a clock, that you had to listen and hope you could tell what time it was. Jeff

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