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    George deFore tall case reproduction

    Thanks for the notes. It is a beautifully made clock. I imagine he has passed away by now.
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    George deFore tall case reproduction

    Recently got a tall case GF clock made by George deFore in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Seems he specialized in authentic hand made recreations of early American time pieces. I can't seem to find anything else about him. Wonder if anyone here has heard of him. Thanks.
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    Mystery Clock Resurrection

    I have the exact same clock except it also has a calendar (date) hand which works. Mine was also pretty much in pieces--the door assembly ( the glass is stenciled Regulator) was completely apart. I am missing the two lower finials. Are you sure it's Japanese? I never would have guessed that.
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    Mauthe closed well wall clock

    You can't see it in the photo because it's just clear glass, but the part of the pendulum bob that you see with the door closed is in the area that is "S" shaped to fit the curve of that lower section of the case. It does have Westminster chime. All the ones I have seen pictures of are the same...
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    Mauthe closed well wall clock

    Thanks for the comments. I did find a few on eBay and that's where I saw the name "closed well" as the bottom part is enclosed by an "s" shaped glass cover. Again, I'm assuming it's very late thirties or late forties.
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    Mauthe closed well wall clock

    Just got this clock. I assume it's mid century era. It's called a Closed Well wall clock. Anyone else have one of these?
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    Giant Table or Pedestal Clock? Please help to identify...

    It originally had a pedestal on which it sat. It is Japanese and, from what I understand, still sold today. Probably Mid century or newer. I have a complete one.
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    Has anyone seen one like this? Clock Table?

    Just got one like it too, actually identical. It is Japanese. Runs quite well.
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    3 new acquisitions yesterday

    The globe clock is 1939 world's fair model. (At least that's the info I have found) I have one just like it.
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    New one. Anyone have a clue about its origin?

    Yes, thank you, that is what it was.
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    New one. Anyone have a clue about its origin?

    I admit I gave the dispenser to hard a squeeze and got to much oil out, but it was not an "inappropriate" oil. It WAS a high quality clock oil. And the movement is running perfectly now.
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    New one. Anyone have a clue about its origin?

    Got this at an auction recently. Porcelain dial, beveled glass, brass overlay decoration. No ident anywhere. Just numbers on the back of the movement. I've never seen one like it.
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    Help identifying Craigslist find

    I recently acquired one like this, a Hamilton, but with only one weight (for time) and the same two spring winds. Also shows limited edition of 1500 (mine has a brass plate that says who it was made for and the edition number 552). Absolutely love it!
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    Please help to identify this English clock

    Two labels. One says The German Clockmaker, Eugen Erkert, Phoenix and the other says William Heine Clocks, Wilmington and Philadelphia, PA 7/13/65
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    Please help to identify this English clock

    Just got this one and need help in identifying. On the dial is written Regent St. , London. Unfortunately the makers name is not visible. On the movement are the fancy initials "BR" and the numbers 24545 and under those the numbers 81. I think the tiles are Delft. The clock is 18 inches tall and...

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