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    Mystery clock

    Any thoughts what this might be? It is at an estate sale. Thanks
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Normally I shy away from non RR Grade watches. This was just too nice and looked lonely. 40 bucks at an antique mall. I had no choice
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    Illinois Pennsylvania Special pics please

    With all the bad news nationwide, I could use some cheering up. How about some pics and talk about the Illinois Pennsylvania Special? Thanks . I feel better already.
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    Pacific Northwest Regional cancelled

    For those of us who do not subscribe to the NAWCC e mail blast, I just read a c Post in the members only section that the PNW Regional is cancelled. This board is a great way to get info out.
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    Arizona Sunshine Regional cancelled

    I just read on the members only portion of this site that the AZ Sunshine Regional scheduled for this week is delayed/cancelled due to Corona virus concerns. More info is on the Members comment site. I hope someone posts on the clock site. George
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    The AZ Sunshine Regional has been postponed!

    Good afternoon, would anyone know when the doors open on Friday? It is difficult finding information. I can find start time Saturday but not Friday. Thank you, George
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    Elgin Father Time grade 389

    Greetings, the grade 389 is a low production Father Time. Did some of this grade have two tone finishing? If so, is an approximation of how many were finished this way? Thank you.
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    Florida mid winter show

    I am a little disappointed. This show was not promoted on this site. I was in Florida on vacation and during breakfast I found a reference to it on a facebook post. I located an entry form for location and address. We made the 3 hour drive from Fort Meyers arriving at 3:30pm today, only to find...
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    Father Time 18s

    Like many, i was using the shotgun pattern when i began collecting. After a year of this i determined i needed to narrow my focus. The road i took was 18s 23j or higher watches. One of the "pellets" from my shotgun days was a Father Time 252 full plate. At the time my carry watch was a Hammy...
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    Maiden Lane movement markings

    I am hoping for a discussion about the 25j Model 5. Example 350103 is marked "Adjusted To 6 Positions" Example 350805 is marked "Adjusted 5 Positions and Temperature" Which would be the preferred or more collectable? Thank you.
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    Maiden lane model 5 correct dial

    I hope someone can direct me to a site where i can view correct dials for an 18s model 5 25j Maiden Lane. Thank you
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    Ridgeway or Howard Miller

    I know next to nothing concerning Grandfather clocks. My question concerns the more modern ones. If i had a choice of a Howard Miller 610-796 or a Ridgeway (modek unknown) which should i pursue? I am going newer because it will be a user and easier to have serviced. Thank you in advance. George
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    Jim Haney

    Jim has done me a good turn. He is one of the good guys. Thank you Jim, not many like you out there!
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    New Year's eve carry

    My trusty Father Time Grade 252 Model 7 that i purchased from Rob Carter 4 years ago. This is my go too carry watch. I think Father Time grade watches are under appreciated. Happy New Year
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    Elgin grade 367 dial and hands

    Good afternoon. I am trying to determine the correct dial and hands for my Father Time 367. I have seen pictures of two dials, both block "Elgin", one Montgomery and one Elgin. I am trying to locate a list of appropiate dials and hands like i have found for Hamilton watches. I am hoping for some...
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    Watch Elgin 18s 3/4 plate model 8 dial (found)

    Dial found. Thank you
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    Hamilton 950 correct case

    I have a 950 that was sent to finishing the later part of 1921. It needs a case. All info i can locate concerns correct cases from the mid 20's on. I would like to put this in a period correct case and am asking for help. Thank you, George
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    $ Hamilton 950 pendant set

    All other things being equal, would a 950 pendant set typically be valued higher or lower than a 950 lever set? Thank you, George
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    $ Rockford 900

    So, what are good Rockford 900's going for these days? I am most interested in what the personal sale price would be, such as at a mart. Thank you.
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    Waltham Riverside 21j model 1924

    First week in Arizona and i picked some low hanging fruit. The Waltham is "Colonial B" size and is a Secometer. The case is square with rounded corners. NAWCO, The Burlington Watch Co. 14k gold filled. Running good, Average condition. Not the focus of my collecting but it interested me. Same as...

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