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  1. Kenny S.

    Main spring wound tight.

    Been there, done that too many times to count... Me too.
  2. Kenny S.

    Would you repeat that, please?

    I did! I have never seen one of those in action, very cool! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Kenny S.

    Another Vanguard Arrived Today

    I couldn't agree more Paul. This watch has rapidly become my all time favorite Waltham. So beautiful.
  4. Kenny S.

    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    Very well said Clint.
  5. Kenny S.

    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    Ethan, I agree completely. A watch approaching 1/2 pound is just crazy sounding to me as well. Imagine the pocket you'd need to carry that thing in without ripping it!
  6. Kenny S.

    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    I have a feeling that Ethan will win this one. He has a few of those "Drum" style cases that I love so much. They are massive.
  7. Kenny S.

    Two 6s Waltham movements one Amn W.Co. grade

    Oof! That's a beauty!!
  8. Kenny S.

    Two 6s Waltham movements one Amn W.Co. grade

    Clint, That dial is amazing! So unique! I have never seen one like it before. Wow.
  9. Kenny S.

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    This one showed up in the mailbox this week. I won this at a recent auction. Waltham '92 18s 17J 2 tone. It's from the run where Waltham took some back before shipping and milled out "Royal" and re-engraved them "Crescent St." I think a few members here have one.
  10. Kenny S.

    How common are pocket watches that can be both stem wound as well as key wound?

    I wasn't aware this had ever been done. I have been struggling with a couple of my Waltham movements with the hands slipping and trying to tighten the cannon pinion. As a machinist I was thinking to myself, why didn't they come up with something better? That is so simple, I'm surprised it could...
  11. Kenny S.

    Sunday Hunting

    I honestly never tire of looking at your collection Ethan. That one is stunning!
  12. Kenny S.

    Sunday Hunting

    This is crazy. I too would be grateful Ethan, given that our watches are only 14 S/N's apart.
  13. Kenny S.

    Sunday Hunting

    Thank you Marty. It really is stunning. The picture doesn't do it justice as the cliche goes. The colors are so vibrant and deep, the flowers almost seem real. Almost certainly an O'hara dial, (unconfirmed) it is one of only a couple of "window" dials I have seen.
  14. Kenny S.

    Sunday Hunting

    I waited until Easter Sunday to post this beauty. My Waltham '88 21J Maximus. I know it doesn't have the correct Maximus dial, but it doesn't matter since it will never be sold as long as I'm alive. It is an heirloom to my grandson whose name is the same as the watch. The dial in my opinion...
  15. Kenny S.

    Waltham Identification and Confusion?

    Hi Bill. I highly recommend the gentleman who's ad is in the banner on the right of the screen.----> Dave will not only have the correct crystal, he'll install it for you at a reasonable price. While he has your watch in hand, he might even be able to fit it with the correct bow, assuming he...
  16. Kenny S.

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Has she seen the bill yet? Because if she does, she'll know they don't all cost the same. LOL!! Super sweet watch Patrick!! Very nice acquisition.
  17. Kenny S.

    Model 92 ATC Premier

    After reading this thread I was sure I owned one. Here it is. I don't see the S/N in your list Paul. I was thinking about selling it, now I'm not so sure...
  18. Kenny S.

    Maximus Script — An Observation

    With these serial numbers all showing that the watches were manufactured around the turn of the century, I wonder what, if any correlation there might be.
  19. Kenny S.

    Maximus Script — An Observation

    Hey DTSPatrick, I just looked at my 12s RM, and it has the exact same script as you're showing. 10M serial as well. I never noticed that before. Very interesting. I'd like to hear what Jerry and the others have to say on this.
  20. Kenny S.

    A.W.W.Co. Power Reserve indicator...

    Paul, think of it this way, when it's pointing to "UP", the watch is wound up or tight, and when pointing "DN" it's unwound and needing to be wound. Does that help?

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