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    IBM Slave clock project

    Hi All, I'm about to start a project to create a replica slave clock to to work with my IBM 25-7. I have a more modern slave mechanism of the two wire variety with the diode which I think will convert back to three wire operation without any problems. I am now trying to find some details of the...
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    IBM 25-7 Master clock finger nut and front gears

    Hi All, I'm having a few problems keeping my 25-7 running properly. I know it does not have the original finger retaining nut on and there are a couple of washers in the front gear assembly that may well not be in the right place either. Does anyone have a drawing or some good photos of exactly...
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    Recognise this slave mechanism?

    Can anyone confirm the origin of the slave clock mechanism in the attached pictures. I have bought it in order to make a slave clock to run with my IBM model 25. It has only "Made in England" and the number 70832 on the coil, no manufacturer's name. It is at present configured for a 2 wire...
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    IBM 25-7 Request for wiring diagrams

    I'm in the final stages of restoring my English made IBM 25-7 master clock. It is running fine and winding with the magnet connected in series with the minute contact and a lab power supply giving it 22V. I am not convinced the advance and stop switches are correctly set mechanically yet but am...
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    IBM 25-7 Suspension spring

    I'm working on restoring my IBM 25-7 Master clock. I have concluded that I need to replace the suspension spring as it is bent and cracked and I don't relish the idea of the pendulum falling into the bottom of the case :(. I have a supply of suitable spring steel but am not sure of the way to...
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    IBM 25-7 Date

    Hi, I have just bought a UK IBM model 25-7 to restore. It has the serial number of 17378 and IBM International on the face. From what I have seen on other posts it is circa 1950? In the area on the data plate that says warranty valid for 12 months from it has 520096 if that is any clue. Does...

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