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  1. Rich Newman

    Board of Director Elections & Appointments

    At the last Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, April 22, 2021, Renee Coulson (TN) and Cathy Gorton (NC) we’re appointed to the Board, and Chris Miller was appointed to the Nominations & Elections Committee. With these appointments, the composition of the Board and the NEC are complete. As...
  2. Rich Newman

    Jones & Horan donates Grand Prize for the Hampton, Virginia National Convention

    A huge shout-out to Jones & Horan, one of our sponsors for the 2021 National Convention in Hampton, Virginia ( ). They also just donated the Grand Prize for the Awards Banquet, a wonderful WWI Corps of Engineers marked watch that was supplied to the American...
  3. Rich Newman

    Chester Gold Hallmarks

    I don’t know if this is any help to you. This watch was sold by Patton & Jones who were in business together from 1798 to 1814 in Baltimore & Philadelphia. They dealt with some of the best movement makers and were selling Massey Escapement watches as early as 1815. Don’t know when this watch was...
  4. Rich Newman

    Bigelow Kennard

    I’ve read a lot about the Boston firm Bigelow Kennard in the past so when this non-working minute repeater turned up at the Chicago Chapter 3 boot sale a few weeks ago, I bought it. Luckily it didn’t need much work and Doug Shuman, also a #3 member, was able to put it right (his NAWCC ID is...
  5. Rich Newman

    James Condliff Research

    Posting this on behalf of Steve & Darlah Thomas. The Thomas' are amateur horologists who have written several books and articles on horological topics. These can be seen on their website: Our current project is James Condliff (1790-1861) and they would be delighted to hear from...
  6. Rich Newman

    Chapter 3 Tail Gate Meeting - Sept 14

    We had a great tail gate mart on Sunday, just like the old days before we all got used to setting up indoors. Met in the parking lot at our usual meeting location in Elmhurst, Illinois (close to Chicago) and invited neighboring chapters Peace Pipe, Madison, Menomonee Valley & Central Illinois to...
  7. Rich Newman

    American Virgule examples

    I’m aware of two American virgule watches from the same time period. Photographs of one can be found in a Bulletin article published in October 2019 that was made by the firm Wheelock & Morse in the late 1790’s in Sutton, Massachusetts (another watch exists by the firm’s partner, Moses Morse...
  8. Rich Newman

    2020 Southern Regional - Is Happening

    Southern Regional in Metairie, LA is taking place. October 2 & 3. Steve Barnes is the General Chair. Email: Wishing them a good show and looking forward to seeing pictures!
  9. Rich Newman

    Interesting watch & chain

    It’s not unusual for collectors of pocket watches to appreciate interesting accessories such as keys, chatelains, and chains. The watch shown below with its silver chain and silver key is one such example. This English watch has a right-angle lever escapement and fusee movement signed Copeland...
  10. Rich Newman

    Case mark help - Quare

    I've looked off and on to try to identify the mark on this early Daniel Quare that appears to be double-struck. Any help appreciated.
  11. Rich Newman

    18th Century Watchmaking Documentation Help

    I've been capturing information about colonial-era American watchmakers for a very long time with lots of help from scholars & collectors in the NAWCC. The purpose of this thread is to try to compile sources, including advertisements, probate records, indentures and other document references...
  12. Rich Newman

    Fromanteel Show & Tell

    Some members are familiar with the NAWCC British Horology Chapter ( that gives lectures, produces a great newsletter and meets 3 times a year. The last meeting was at the large & very well attended Mid-Winter Regional in Florida 2 weeks ago and there were quite a number...
  13. Rich Newman

    Clock Movement wanted: Early English weight-driven movement

    Wanted a complete, plated weight driven movement (not bird cage / posted frame movement) with 9 inch brass dial (9X9). Movement will be used to fit an 18th-century hooded case.
  14. Rich Newman

    Pocket: Robert Leslie of Philadelphia & London

    I'm performing research on Robert Leslie for an upcoming article for the bulletin. MB readers may be interested to know that Robert Leslie of Philadelphia received a patent for a "chronometer" escapement signed by George Washington in 1789 shortly after Washington became President (Gould called...
  15. Rich Newman

    Robert Leslie of Philadelphia - Research Request

    I'm performing research on the late 18th century Philadelphia maker, Robert Leslie and his firms. He operated in Philadelphia under the name "Leslie & Price" with partner Isaac Price; in Baltimore under the name "Robert Leslie & Company" with partner Abraham Patton, and later with added partner...
  16. Rich Newman

    Colonial and Early American Watches

    I had an opportunity to spend time at the museum during 2014 for an exhibit on early colonial watches that featured the two earliest colonial watches known; the John Wright (NY) circa 1720 that was published in the April, 2014 Bulletin and the Samuel Bagnal (Boston) circa 1740 published in...
  17. Rich Newman

    Clock Case Design Software - any recommendations?

    I'm thinking about building a case to house an old tall case movement that I have. I have an idea regarding the case design I would like to build. Has anyone come across an easy and relatively inexpensive software package to help define and layout the design of the case? I’m thinking that...
  18. Rich Newman

    Another John Cairns Providence, Rhode Island watch has turned up

    A second John Cairns (born 1751, dies 1809) watch has been recently identified that appears to be very similar to the example analyzed by David Cooper in his Bulletin article published in February 2002. That first timekeeper is estimated to date about 1795 and has a number of interesting...
  19. Rich Newman

    Colonial Tools of Nathaniel Mulliken of Lexington, Massachusetts

    I am researching tools that include a wheel slotting engine, bow lathe drill holder and great wheel barrel grooving tool that are attributed to Nathaniel Mulliken of Lexington, Massachusetts who worked from 1743 to 1767, and intend to bring them to the 2013 National Convention in Dayton for...
  20. Rich Newman

    G. P. Reed

    Here is an interesting watch signed G.P. Reed, Fitchburg, Massachusetts in a consular case with Chester marks for 1851 and makers mark “RS” for Ralph Samuel of Liverpool that I picked up last year and recently posted on my website The movement has not been disassembled...

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