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    Schwarzwald movements maker ID

    Hello all, I have couple of wooden plate clocks marked "MD" . One 30 hours, with wooden dial. (this is big one 150mm*150mm guy) (MD here) Another one week-duration hooded clock Marking here as ell, not best but can be read. On previous two there also mark on drums "AF" (30 hours drum)...
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    Help to recognize this clock

    Hello People, I have very few photos from seller, and I need your experience to understand what it is in real. Move Thanks to all in advance for your opinion. Alex
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    inch screws sizes in English clocks

    Hello all. What is more common inch screw standart/sizes used in English (and not only) clockmaking? I want to buy some inches sized dies and taps. looking on this tab: Tap Chart UNC/UNF Threads - provides tap sizes, drill sizes, pitch, (threads per inch) basic major diameter, basic effective...
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    English C.Shepherd, 53'Leadenhall str. London bracket clock

    Dear Forum, I acquired interesting clock recently. Can you please date it. The clock is on the way to me so far but I have few pictures already. Clock is big - 48cm heigh, 36cm width, movement size - 18cm*14cm, dial - 8 inches (20cm). And seller also game the tool on last picture, what is this?

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