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    Hamilton 940 question

    Just picked up this 940 but what is ‘the banner’ I am not familiar with that marking. Thank you my friends
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    Just bought this Waltham 1886 hunter case

    I need to service it and polish it up. I love these old key wind PSB watches
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    Help with independent watch co Fredonia

    I know the Howard brothers bought movement’s from other companies, could you please tell me if this is a Hampden or who else would have made it. Thank you my brothers Dan
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    Waltham civil war or swiss fake

    Nice watch however but suspect its a Swiss fake what do you think my friends
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    Interesting Hamilton 936 case

    Interesting this 936 I picked up just got back from my watch guy. It is in an interesting b&b telegraph case. I suspect it was used that way but not sure
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    Interesting longines 18 size lever set

    I just picked this up it is an 18 size lever set private label longines for the American market . This is the first one I have seen. Are they common??
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    A Decent 1863 Waltham

    Just picked this up, runs good looks pretty good to me but you guys know a lot more. Needs cleaning
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    Interesting pocket watch chain and fob

    a Berloque miniature 2mm pinfire pistol from Austria . These were made by a watch maker and fired a 2mm projectile. They were made for use as a watch fob. This is a very early example dating to 1900 and this silver example is pretty scarce. It is absolutely legal to own as atf regards it as a...
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    An early longines

    just nailed it. Needs some work but it will live again. I love these old key winds
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    Yard sale find today 1866 Waltham

    driving to visit my buddy today and went through some back woods. I found this 1866 all original Waltham....25 bucks and it runs . Does anyone know who the casemaker may be. Looks like FM
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    A decent Ball Commercial Waltham

    Ran into a decent ball Waltham cheap. I already have one but couldn’t pass on the price. Runs nice . 17 jewel
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    What is the back story on this NAWCC Watch

    Wondering how it came about
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    Hamilton 987s

    Needs cleaned up. Cool watch offered to me cheap very cheap so why not . I will give it to my daughter
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    Loads of junkies (I will not buy any more junk watches)

    as punishment for acquiring so many absolutely junk watches I have go to the blackboard: I will not buy any more junk watches, I will not buy any more junk watches, I will not buy any more junk watches, I will not buy any more junk watches, I will not buy any more junk watches, I will not buy...
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    Interesting pair case on Illinois key wind

    I actually bought this because I have rarely seen an American keywind in an American pear case with hidden key. I think it’s way cool Unscrew the top and there is the key. Case is near mint. A pain to set the time as you have to remove the watch from the case. I suspect that is why I...
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    Anyone have a fredonia mark Twain to show off

    i never saw one all original. I think they are way cool. That’s one on my bucket list but affordable not for me. Is that the one Twain called the Howard’s Watch thieves?
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    1860 Waltham

    i am pumped about this watch. Here is what my watchmaker said This is a landmark watch Dan. Seriously one of the most original, nicest watches from the earliest days of American watch manufacturing. I didnt do any casework on the watch, I didnt want to put a "hard polish" on the watch like I...
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    Lightning road

    you know I wrote and performed this song. Had 200,000 downloads on YouTube and they pulled it because I had a picture of popcorn Sutton. I Said his family gave me that photo but no avail. Had to repost it again without it. Ugh
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    Help with a longines

    can someone help me date this 14 size longines. Only number is 76 on the longines case, maybe 1880s ? Over banked needs work
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    Escape wheel early Waltham keywind

    my key wind 1860 Waltham getting cleaned up. My watchmaker said incredible all numbers match and case is original so I am happy Now when did Waltham change from the 3 spoke escape wheel to the 4 . I noticed all the early Waltham’s have 3 like mine

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