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    Terry and Andrews Steeple Clock

    hello, everyone, i have a Terry and Andrews steeple clock, 8 day with brass springs, that has etched glass bottom panel. Did T & A etch their own glass? Thanks for any info, Harold
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    Identifying my Smith Enfield clock

    I have a similar Smiths - Enfield from the 1950-1960s, I think that they didn't have model names for their clocks but I may be wrong about the model names. There's not a name labeled on my clock. Just my opinion.
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    Lucky my wife likes antiques?

    I would have to learn to like that clock, from info I see stamped on the movement
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    Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow ogee

    I wish they would go through, I have about 35 clocks I would like to show. On the south wall of my living room I have a Swiss one day cuckoo with music and dancers, a Bernco 8 day time only banjo, Ma Leck grandmother, Smiths Enfield 8 day mantle, 8 day unknown windup.West wall theres New Haven...
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    Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow ogee

    I've tried posting pics, they don't go thru, but then all I have is a cheap smart phone and a laptop
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    Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow ogee

    picked up at Don Cline's Antiques in Mt. Pleasant, N.C. for 40 bucks. Plymouth Hollow brass movement and nearly complete label, 30 hour. Dark bluish flowers in corners of dial, label printers address date this clock to 1850-1855 according to Has a jewelers label ''H. Teufel...
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    New Haven Referee Glass

    Hi again, found my own answer. Willie X answered in '' general clock discussions'' that 'many were scraped clean because people didn't like that advertisement in their house' Thanks, i'll try a little more research from now on, theres a world of knowledge on these forums
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    New Haven Referee Glass

    Hi you all, and Happy Thanksgiving 2017. I have a New Haven " Referee" c. 1910 that you can plainly see the word "Regulator" used to be there, on bottom glass, like someone scraped it off with a razor blade.The gold square is still around the edges. Anyone else seen this? And why would it be...
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    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    Thanks for info chimeclockfan, I've wondered if the glass had been replaced, but may be original after all
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    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    I have a '58 'dette but it does not have beveled glass. Did all Vedettes have beveled glass?
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    Need help identifying Mission Grandfather Clock

    I have a time only Sessions grandfather mission, circa 1910. I've seen them listed as hall clocks. Running right along, with about 30 more antique clocks, in my living room.
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    Goos People Spray

    I bought a New Haven gingerbread with alarm that was doing the same thing as you describe, hands stop moving, clock keeps running. after oiling and eliminating alarm as possible problem, I removed brass spacer between tapered pin and minute hand and that solved my problem. If yours has...
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    Newbie Question re 8 day time strike brass movement

    I remember seeing a spring driven movement, somewhere on the world wide web, rigged up with some fan blades which supposedly kept flies shooed away. just chiming in
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    A German Made clock?

    the gong hammer, coil, and movement look like a smiths enfield that I have, they are made in England and are usually marked so on the dial. just my opinion
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    Concord, NC Bank Clock - Please Identify

    I would love to donate some time to help with this project. I own about 30 antique mechanical clocks, had this hobby for several years. Cabarrus County native since 1954. contact at thanks, Harold Emerson 704-298-5273
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    strike spring good, clock wont strike

    thanks shutterbug, i will just keep winding time side til it goes out. i have plenty more to listen to
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    strike spring good, clock wont strike

    good evening everyone, i have a Junghans wall box movement A28 t&s that will not strike. time spring works, it runs full 8 days, strike spring does not move but is fully wound. use key to relieve pressure, it will strike weakly, but only with key. i appreciate any help.
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    any information on RYUSUI clocks?

    i will have to study a little before trying to post pics, but no design just RYUSUI in slightly slanted letters. Also says 21 DAY
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    any information on RYUSUI clocks?

    sorry to double up, im new at this. wall box clock with RYUSUI on dial only makers mark on clock. I think its occupied japan, thats just a guess

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