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    Hamilton 950E

    Thank you Spring Driven , that is exactly the info I was looking for and to be able to see the 2 side by side to study the (obvious) differences is fantastic . Now I can make sure I find one with the correct Balance / Hairspring
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    Hamilton 950E

    Thank you Terry , it is good to see these advertising paraphernalia, you get to see the models in detail and use as a reference for checking the correct details, especially here in the u.k and when over time the chances of case and dial changes are increased.
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    Hamilton 950E

    Thank you for this link Jim , seeing things like this helps me understand how the Elinvar worked and the differences it made to the accuracy and correcting the need for to make other corrections. I see that in a post by Julian Smith (2002) mentions that the 1st Elinvar was made in Europe for...
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    Hamilton "Elinvar In Your Watch" booklet

    Thank you Fred for posting the booklet about the Elinvar hairspring (2008) it has helped me understand it more and the differences it made
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    Hamilton 950E

    I am looking to get a 950E to add to my 950 set and have looked at the 'sticky ' threads to absorb some of the info on these posted by the hamilton guys . What I couldn't find anything on so am throwing it out to you for help, is about the Elinvar hairspring . I take it the 950e has the "swiss"...
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    Other 17s Dial

    Looking for a good 17s Sangamo Special Dial , arched ' illinois ' SS , for 1920 model 10 open face.
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    Dial Wanted

    Looking for a dial for my 17s Sangamo Special , slowly been getting round to 'fixing' some of my Railroad Grades to as near as "out the box " as possible so must be a very good one please , any help would be appreciated.
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    Lassers List ; The Hamilton Company

    I had fast reply from the book shop , and indeed the Lassers List is out of stock , they did say that the had had a quite a few enquires for this over the past weeks and would discuss about the possibility of getting a re-print . So if there are people looking to get a Lassers List let the book...
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    Lassers List ; The Hamilton Company

    Hi Andy , Thank you for replying , I have sent an e-mail to the Library to find out what they have left or plans for stand see what comes back, I am new to this site and am finding my feet , nice to have people willing to help.
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    Lassers List ; The Hamilton Company

    Hi Members , Does anybody have a Spare copy of ; Lassers List ; The Hamilton Watch Company that they are wanting to sell and post to me in the UK . Apparently you could buy them in the Library but doesn't seem to be listed at present . Jim Haney has kindly offered to loan and send me his but...

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