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  1. Isaac

    Help ID Coiled Gong Chiming WM clock

    Hi all, Just got this little WM chiming clock for what I think is a pretty good price. It's not labeled anywhere according to the seller, and the movement layout seems pretty unique. My first thought was Mauthe or Kienzle from the chime hammer arrangement with the large disk drum, but the rest...
  2. Isaac

    Just when you think you've seen it all:

    Take a look at this unique French "sawmill" clock. The pendulum is actually inside of the sawmill stand instead of the attached to the movement. I'd imagine you'd start the clock by gently tugging the fake bandsaw blade.
  3. Isaac

    Your opinions on Gilbert clocks?

    Just a fun question I wanted to ask. What are your general opinions on Wm. Gilbert clocks? Of course, they have the reputation of cracked cannon pinions (and of course their 3 plate mini-movement housed in their crystal regulators), but I think they made some cool contributions to the mass...
  4. Isaac

    A Fun Gilbert

    Just got this novelty alarm clock for fun. Planning on taking it apart and cleaning it up. The bell on the top actually rotates and sounds out when the alarm feature is activated. Haven't seen many examples of these types of alarm clocks...
  5. Isaac

    A New Herschede Model 10 Project

    Hey all, Spied this on E-bay for a while. Seems like the biggest issue is the bezel glass is loose and the solder near the hinge joint. A minor thing is that the little brass strip that runs from the top of the movement to the back of the case is missing. Otherwise, seller says it runs. Earlier...
  6. Isaac

    A branch out from the usual

    As I was looking at prospects for a birthday gift for myself, I came across this limited series clock: The Gordon Van Tamelen 101 Limited Edition, which is Trend (by Sligh) clock. Urgos triple chime movement with moon phase. Seems like a nicely built case, with it being of a 4 glass style...
  7. Isaac

    A Ting-tang Steal (Mvmt ID help please)

    Here's a fixer-upper that I couldn't resist getting. A small case, and it was retailed by H. N. Lockwood, a former head of E Howard's Watch and French movement repair division. He also sold clocks by Chelsea, Boston Clock Co., and E Howard. Will be fun to fix up the movement and bring the case...
  8. Isaac

    Overrated Makers - Your opinion?

    Are there any clock manufacturers/makers that seem in your personal opinion to be overrated by collectors? If there is any, why? Curious to hear your thoughts.
  9. Isaac

    Tricky Peerless

    Hi all, I've posted about this clock before - however, it sometimes goes out of synch at random intervals by chiming too long. Other times, it'll go for hours on end without falling out of synch (but it eventually will). Not really sure why this is happening - the warning run is sufficient, and...
  10. Isaac

    What's the best made movement in your collection?

    Curious to see what movement you consider to be of the finest craftsmanship in your collection. I'll start. I would have to say that it's tied between my W&H 2 train WM movement and the Peerless 3 train WM movements. W&H movement - recoil anchor escapement, ~3.4mm thick plates, solid pinions...
  11. Isaac

    Garrard Westminster

    Hi all, Wanted to add another nice small English chiming clock to my collection. Figured this clock was listed at a good price, and the movements by Garrard seem to be of good quality, so I went ahead and bought it for myself. This movement has the underslung hammers versus having the hammers...
  12. Isaac

    If you could go back in time,

    And have coffee/tea with a singular clockmaker/watchmaker of your choice, who would it be? I would likely choose Charles Jacques, due to his innovation for chiming clocks. It would make for a very interesting discussion. Who would your pick be?
  13. Isaac

    Peerless H 1/2

    Hi everyone! Recently came into possession of this Peerless H 1/2, a monastery/peerless grade clock retailed by B&D. This is a slightly later movement than my HH example, with nicely finished plates and a few other different features. Most notable with the H 1/2 movement is the gong setup...
  14. Isaac

    Worst Designed Movement?

    A fun little question: Is there a specific movement design that makes you cringe any time you see it enter your repair shop? For me, it's the triple plate Westminster New Haven movement.
  15. Isaac

    Underappreciated Makers

    Wanted to start a friendly discussion regarding what specific clock manufacturer/maker (can be from any time) that you deem is underappreciated/undervalued by collectors. For me, it would have to be clocks by Mathias Bauerle (movements that fit into 3 grades by Bawo & Dotter: Elite, Peerless...
  16. Isaac

    A most unusual Chiming clock

    Was just stumbling through some auction archives an came across this completed auction. I can't say I've seen this case style before. Looks like an absolutely gigantic case! I wonder if it is a homemade creation of some sort. 2050: A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY AND MARQUETRY MANTEL CLOCK - May 23, 2006...
  17. Isaac

    A "New" New Haven #3 (Restored!)

    As suggested in my restoration thread, A New Haven Steal , I wanted to go ahead and post the final before/after pictures of my restoration project. The face will be sent out to be resilvered, but other than that everything's wrapped up and done! A video of the mechanisms before servicing...
  18. Isaac

    New Haven Willcock Chime movement power issue

    Hi all, Having a strange problem with this chime movement after polishing up the pivots and cleaning everything. Before servicing, the movement ran really quickly without any hitches. After putting it back together, it runs at a much slower speed and sometimes stalls out while lifting a hammer...
  19. Isaac

    A New Haven Steal

    Just saw this new listing on E-bay and had to jump on it before someone else. A cosmetic fixer, but should be a great project and will look cool next to my other Chime #3. Great that it still has its original label on the back door and the brass button to hide the chime winding arbor. All of the...
  20. Isaac

    Safely removing a hairspring from a clock with a lever escapement?

    Hi all, Going to replace both mainsprings on a Junghans Joker musical alarm movement (the alarm mainspring broke) and do the regular cleaning and polishing of the pivots. However, I've not disassembled a movement with a hairspring before, and I certainly do not want to bend or deform the...

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