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    John Austin of Watford, 1710

    Our local church has a turret clock with a nameplate showing the above. An hour on the net has not revealed anything. Anybody any knowledge of this maker? Thanks Peter
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    Movement Ident required

    Can somebody identify this movement maker? Thanks
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    Thos Russell PW; Case and movement id

    Can you help me with the term Silvernus. Is it a type of silver or a case name? I notice it appears on several Russell watches. Who is the likely movement maker? Thanks, Peter
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    Primula Pocket watches

    Can anyone provide me with any information about the manufacturer of these watches, (or any links to )? Thanks Peter
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    Unusual 'Gut' material

    I bought a 1820/30 English dial clock recently. The fusee gut line is a string cord! It appears to have been in use for some while Any comments on the use of string, I've not seen it nor heard reference to it's use before. Peter
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    4992b dial material

    I recently bought a 4992b without a crystal, missing for some time and dial grubby but not damaged, leading to two issues. The dial needs cleaning and without knowing the material I am reluctant to try the usual cleaners. can someone tell what material the dial face is? Secondly the bezel is...
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    Waltham Pocket watches at Kew Trials of 1911

    I was looking at data from the Kew Trials of 1911 regarding a pocket watch I own. I noticed also that Waltham submitted five watches entered for the class A certificate at the same trial as my watch. Here are the results, for those who may be interested. Open face Crescent Street S/N...
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    Chester Hallmark Date query

    1903 a C or 1907 a G? All views welcome! Thanks Peter
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    Identify Movement maker please

    Does anyone recognise this movement maker? The case has Swiss marks. No other marks on watch or dial. Case maker is ST , with T engraved over the S. Thanks Peter
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    Illinois query

    Could somebody with access to Bill Meggars data base tell me how serial number 220153 is described? With thanks Peter
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    Marine: Marine Chronometer question

    Why would an MC maker (in 1860 or so) offer both 7 day and 8 Day Chronometers? Peter
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    Brequet Exhibition in San Fran

    Has anybody been to this exhibition? Does it show historical stuff or is it showcasing modern. A colleague of mine wants to know if its worth a diversion in his US trip from Phoenix. He is a historian. Thanks Peter
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    Waltham PS Bartlett marking

    I have seen a PSB in the serial number 256***** range, in an English case. Below the PS Bartlett factory engraving there is an additional heavily machined engraving namely 'U.S.A', professionally executed I have not seen such a marking before: is it common and under what circumstances was it...
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    In a reply, how to link a previous thread?

    Thanks Peter
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    Database error

    I can open the forum opening page but on selecting a topic get 'data base error' I'm using Opera and W7 Other Bulletin boards not showing same characteristics Peter
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    Batty and Sons PW: Who is maker?

    Batty was a Manchester jeweler who used several makers. Can anybody suggest the maker of the watch below? Case and movement have same serial number Full London Hallmarks for 1911 All pivots (except barrel) jewelled Unusual(?) raised barrel Peter
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    Visit to Shanghai

    I shall be in Shanghai soon, are there any recommendations for horological activities? Thanks Peter
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    Clock Key Question

    What is the purpose of the nib on one side of the key? Peter
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    Elliott Bros Timer

    Can anyone identify the use of the timer shown below? It has a one minute dial scale and a hacking feature. There is no reset feature, it just runs/stops/runs according to the hacking lever. It is a portable device with its own wooden box About 3.5" in diameter nicely constructed with silvered...
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    Omega f720 Megasonic maintaining circuit

    Does any one know the values of R1 to R4, C1 and L1 pertaining to the Omega Megasonic movement? The component references are shown in the Omega Technical guide functional description of the maintaining circuit, (Folder 0-1220) Alternatively a description of how the circuit works would be good...

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