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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Shortly after the Ferguson Dial Company was organized by Louis Buck Ferguson, dials were imported in larger batches from an unidentified company in Switzerland. The back of each dial was marked with the patents issued in various countries and stamped with a large four-digit number to signify...
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    I am currently working on compiling a reconstructed serial list to detail the production of the New York Standard Watch Company. This company played an essential role in the American watchmaking industry and deserves better attention, especially considering production volume. With observations...
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    American Waltham Watch Co. Photograph from Glass Negative

    I recently acquired a glass negative plate featuring an image of two men under a glass sign reading "American Waltham Watch Co. - Waltham, Mass." The window structures evident in the reflection of the sign appear to be similar to the Waltham factory windows. It is a bit of a long shot, but...
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    1875 Springfield (Illinois) Watch Company Material Catalog Price List

    For the Illinois enthusiasts - I recently digitized the Price List of Material: [Illinois] Springfield Watch Company pamphlet, originally published August 1, 1875. This material catalog covers early grades Stuart, Bunn, Miller, Currier, Hoyt, Mason, and Bates. In addition, an insert was...
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    Hamilton Grades 976 and 977: Adjusted?

    Hamilton Grades 976 and 977 are designated by the NAWCC Hamilton Grade Catalog and the Lasser's List publication as being adjusted to temperature. However, the Halligan documentation does not indicate the 976/977 grades feature any adjustments, and both grades are omitted from the table of...
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    The Elgin Medal: Request for Known Specimens

    I am currently conducting research on the Elgin Medals issued with movements sold by Elgin in the late 1870s. These token-like medals were announced in the 1875 Elgin Almanac, urging customers to only purchase movements accompanied with "The Elgin Medal." The reverse of the token features the...
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    Origin and History of the "Getty Model" Moniker

    I am currently conducting research on Frederick Isaac Getty, former employee of the Illinois Watch Company. Many attribute the design of the Illinois 16s Model 4/5 to him, casting the moniker, "Getty Model." While Getty was a prominent inventor and was granted several patents over the span of...
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    Interesting Rockford16s Observation - Grade 113 or 114?

    I have come across an interesting 16s Model 1 Rockford movement, serial #327452. Rockford serial tables indicate this as a 18s Grade 83. It is known that the Rockford information is not 100% reliable, but I find it interesting that there does not seem to be a single 16s produced at Rockford...
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    Hampden Star Regulator

    I am currently conducting research on patent regulators used by the primary American watch companies. The "Hampden Star" patent regulator is one of which I have been unable to find detailed information. This was one of the micrometer regulators used on many of the Hampden 18s movements. Does...
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    Early American Watch Factory Map: Locations & Addresses

    After running across this old thread ( from 2005, I was inspired to create a Google Map collection with the locations of the American watch factories - whether they still stand or not. With the coverage that Google Street View...
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    Illinois Watches Added to the Pocket Watch Database

    Hey Everyone - I have been working for the past month or so to get Illinois watches into the Pocket Watch Database serial number lookup website ( The database has been compiled from several sources. That said, I am sure there are some inconsistencies and errors...

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