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    Please ID this Clock Netherlands clock

    can i get a date on this Netherlands clock
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    Please ID this Clock Netherlands clock

    can i get a date on this Netherland clock.
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    Andreas peter clock?

    H I: i got this clock to work on. i would like a closer date on this clock and who made it. i read some history on the three stars. lot of hand changing. is this clock made in the time fo Mayer, Pfaff and Maier in villingen Baden side of the black forest. i believe they went bankrupt in...
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    weihai clock

    HI: I got this clock in because the striike spring believe to be broken. found the main wheel had come loose from the spring barrel . the 5 tangs were not attached to the spokes of the wheel. does show sign of being attached before. the spring was free to let down. the click, winding arbor...
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    would like date and maker

    HI: I would like a date and maker for this clock. the case is well built with no markings on it not ( even a repairman signature.) the finish does shows signs of being old but was kept in good condition. the movement only has the #29560 on the rear plate and 39560 on the front plate, it...
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    denatured alcohol

    HI: I used klean-strip denatured alcohol for many years to dissolve shellac flakes. something has changed. the two that i find on the internet and the stores have clean burning FUEL on the label. (klean-strip green, #qkga75003 and SLX #qsl26). SLX is no longer sold in the stores but the #...
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    friese staartklok, believe this is the name of a clock or clock maker. this clock has no marking. it is a 3rd generation clock. 3o hr gong strike and bell alarm. would like to know were in the netherland and the date it was made? i believe they had a factory in England allso. it was...
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    old ansonia

    i finish reworking this 30 day ansonia clock. would like a date when made. thsnks moe
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    30 day ansonia

    HI: i am working on this old 30 day ansonia. i'd know they made a 30 day clock. i would like a date when it was made. it is time only. it was worked on in 1926, 1941 and 1975. believe its going to need a new escape wheel. one tooth is a little short. any one know were i can get one ? 42...
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    Gustav Becker

    HI: I have this 1925 gustav becker clock. s/n 2187852 with P48 on the plate. the penulum leader was lost and so was the sup. spring. the original leader was lost so some one installed a hermle type leader. i could tell by the pendulum hook. it is pressed on. the original was bolted on. this...
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    chime rod reblue

    HI: I have some chime and strike rods that has the bluing flaking off. looks like they were painted. one, i sanded down and used gun blue but this is not right. can not get the shine right. how do they blue the rods to get the blue color? thanks moe
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    urgos escape wheel

    HI: need help! I have this 1970 urgos that was worked on in 1986. the escape wheel has striped teeth. I do not know how they got that way. the movement # uw32062B. also has a # 994394 on the movement. the wheel is self adjusting. I ordered one from time savers (32895) that is for uw32...
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    engish clock

    HI: I would like some information on this movement. can you tell me when and where in England was this movement made? the number on the bottom is 792 and made in England. no other information on the movement. the case is gone. I like the artwork on the plates. it is a well built movement...
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    believe french

    HI: I got this clock in from a friend. i need some information on the maker and a date. side note, how do you fix a loose ruby pin on the escapement platform? this clock has one! is this clock worth fixing. it needs cleaning very bad. i hope the pictures come out. moe
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    no name WM gilbert

    I reworked this clock and would like a date and some information. the key shows WM L Gilbert. there is a partial label on the back that shows a W M. the movement looks like a Gilbert. but there is no name on the movement. WM L Gilbert was an old co. before L Gilbert. could this clock be that...
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    400 day clocks

    HI" I have this 400 day clock that i can not find in Charles Terwilliger 400 day clocks repair guide, 10th edition. there is one on page 120 plate 1345 that is close. i used this one. does this happen sometimes. thanks moe
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    unnamed clock movement

    HI all: I just finished reworking this clock. it has no name or markings on the movement and case. I don't think it is a very old clock but i would like to know who made the movement and a date. it has some unusual shafts. [ see pictures]. the spring barrels can be removed without...
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    self winding clocks

    HI: I got this self winding clock in that would not winding. it was not hard to find the problem. the ratchet had a broken spring and fell to the other side. fitted a spring and it now works good. the movement has been replaced. the old one was 79946 and the one in the clock now is 47235...
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    got to look at this

    HI: has any one seen main springs like this? they came out of a new haven clock. i cleaned and oiled the movement and it seem to work ok. it kooks like they did not remove the mill scale when they made the springs. would like a date on this trade mark. thanks moe that one picture does...
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    new haven

    HI: i got this clock at a estate sail. it has a new haven movement and the hold thing is 19"x7"x15". the base is cast iron and the clock cast and the figure is spelter. the finish has VERY LITTLE gold in it. would this be an original finish? when did new haven use this trade mark and how...

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