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    German clock makers

    I would recommend 'Black Forest Clocks' by Rick Ortenburger, published by Schiffer, as an excellent introduction to German clockmakers, and clocks of all types. Chris
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    An Accidental Japy Freres

    I'm sure you're right. Probably a case of 'if it ain't bust why fix it'! In my experience, these French roulant movements seem to go on for ever!
  3. J

    An Accidental Japy Freres

    Hi, a good buy! Interestingly, these Japy movements, and other very similar ones, are quite common in 1920's & 30's better quality art deco clocks. Whether they were new 'old stock', or still in production, I don't know, but I think it's true to say that nearly all of the good deco clocks...
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    Post your Cuckoo clocks here.

    Zep, many thanks for taking the trouble to post this info-much appreciated. Looking inside the case, I have noticed the number 165 which is not illustrated in the catalogue copy that I have. Regards, Chris
  5. J

    Post your Cuckoo clocks here.

    Been a while since I posted anything, but just bought this twin fusee cuckoo clock here in the UK at an antiques market. I believe it is a Beha no. 509 as the case matches exactly the one photographed in Ortenburger's 'Black Forest Clocks' book p117. Perhaps one of you BF experts can confirm...
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    Post your JUNGHANS clocks here

    Picked up this Junghans today for GB£35. Oak case, strikes on a gong, and in working order, but needs a good clean. Movement marked B05, which I believe is second half of 1905. Chris
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    Tiffany & Co. Alarm Clock

    Have to say that I tend to agree. Also, the movement doesn't look to 'sit well' in the case. Chris
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    Tiffany & Co. Alarm Clock

    Hi, it looks to say '8 Days Swiss' at the very bottom of the dial, rather than France. I had a miniature Tiffany alarm clock with a Swiss Angelus movement, but it was marked as such. Have you taken the back cover off, as this may reveal a clue to maker and origin? Chris
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    What is this? Is this a Junghans?

    Even with a clear picture, it would be very difficult to identify it definitely as a Junghans, as many of the Black Forest clockmakers used similar cases. It could be Junghans, but it could also be Gustav Becker, W&H, or Lenzkirch, to name only the major companies. Sorry to put a damper on...
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    Black Marble French Mantel Clock

    Think that could be an address: Boulevard St. Martin (Paris). Regards, Chris
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    Need Help Identifying Maker & Age

    Hi, Jim. Looks German to me, and dates around 1900-1910, at a guess. Unless there are any maker's marks, chances are you will never find out who made it! Regards, Chris
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    antiques roadshow in uk last night

    For the benefit of non uk members, the BBC have iplayer and yesterday's Antique Roadshow can be viewed for the next 6 days. This link should take you to it Chris
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    Need Help to Identify Clock

    Tom, when I bought my gravity clock, the vendor gave me a copy of the patent Zep mentioned-no.140 668. I have copied the diagrams as they may well help you in your repair of the verge and pendulum. Good luck, Chris
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    Need Help to Identify Clock

    Well spotted, Zep! Koslux, this link will take you to my 'Kee-less' gravity clock by the Watson company which I purchased earlier this year. You can see the similarities. Regards, Chris
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    what so special about it?

    I've had a couple of Angelus clocks in the past, admittedly more ornate and involved than the one shown, but they did sell very well on ebay. They had very good quality movements, and small but heavy brass cases. One had 4 faces: a clock, hygrometer, thermometer and barometer, if my memory is...
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    Pendulum size, weight and length for French mantle clock

    Yes, should be fine, but as already stated, allow the rod to be over-long rather than under, as you can always cut a bit off if necessary.
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    A bronze 3-glass case

    Greg and Neal, thanks for your kind comments. I have taken a better picture of the back panel, as the scene is a minor work of art in its own right. I have also shown the movement fitted to the case. I was lucky as it just fitted front to back, and the pendulum length was such that it is...
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    Pendulum size, weight and length for French mantle clock

    Hi, from my own experience with making up pendulums for French clocks, putting a decimal point between the 2 numbers (I believe these are French lignes)gives an approximate length in inches, so for example 48 lignes=4.8", so as already stated 5". I have also found that this measurement is...
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    Swiza mignon alarm clock

    I've had quite a few of these Swiza clocks. They made a whole range of stylish brass cases, some with novelty shapes, and all fitted with the same standard interchangeable jewelled movement. Styles included a miniature bracket clock and a candlestick. They are very popular with...
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    Clock video

    In yesterday's Daily Telegraph I came across the following snippet, 'Christian Marclay: The Clock' which I thought may be of interest. Obviously, it will be more relevant to UK collectors, but if any of you guys from over the pond are visiting, you could add it to your schedule. Chris

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