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    Adjustable or self regulating Hermle movements

    In the case of modern clocks with automatic beat it is very rare that a clock case is too narrow to take the pendulum to one side and let it go to start the clock. The problem you mention is exactly the reason why automatic beat adjustment was invented.
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    Adjustable or self regulating Hermle movements

    Two things The plastic cowling on the verge is that for auto beat. The short teeth on the escape wheel is auto beat
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    Why some plastic gears?

    The answer is always Mojney. Having said that, the fact is that the plastic will last the life expectancy of the movement itself and virtually never wears.
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    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    I might mention that most of the Kieninger movements do have an exact seconds feature.
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    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    The part is called an offset seconds bit.
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    Howard Miller 610-259 grandfather clock

    That movement was made between 1981 and 1983. Over 30 years ago. It is beyond a simple fix. It is going to need a real overall or replaced.
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    Kieninger plastic escapement gone crazy - what now?

    The new escapement is made of DuPont Delrin, which is an industrial plastic; 10X harder than the original material used.
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    Kieninger plastic escapement gone crazy - what now?

    Anything is possible of course including purchasing an 11 j escapement . However, the cost is going to be more then buying the entire movement.
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    Kieninger plastic escapement gone crazy - what now?

    FYI, the movement in question was made in 2003. Hardly new. it certainly is true there were issues with the first escapement. The new ones are made of DuPont Delrin.
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    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    The issue in my opinion is not at the movement itself is misgeared, which it is not. The issue is that one of the two small gears on the front are not correct for that movement . If you transfer them over from the other momentThat should correct the problem.
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    What is good for rinsing clock movement parts?

    A good commercial clock solution whether for cleaning or rinsing is made specifically for that purpose. Even if price is the only consideration, does anyone actually calculate how much per clocks top grade product actually costs? A couple of dollars at most.
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    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    The gear that attaches to the escape wheel and the auxiliary gear that measures with that need to have the same and number of teeth. If they do not it would account for that problem. My guess is that those two gears were for 100 cm movements, and will put on by accident.Or maybe that’s all they...
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    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    Since it is a 3600 bph unit, the seconds hand should advance one revolution per minute if it attached directly to the escape wheel. This is still a production unit. I am trying to see from the picture if the seconds hand is attached to the escape wheel or some offset, but that is not clear to...
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    Kieninger stop works

    For your movement, it is the quarter chime cam on the chime side and the gathering pallet on the straight side. On later models, there is also an external chime locking cam.
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    Kieninger stop works

    I have published on our Facebook page the assembly procedure for setting the stops and getting the weights at the closest height possible theoretically. Go to Butterworth Clocks, Inc Thanks for checking it out
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    Winding School ...

    For elderly customers, twice weekly wind is the best option in many cases.
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    Adapting large clock hands to German sizes

    The simplest thing to do is to get a set of hands that fit the PS movement. That is fairly standard as the Kieninger and Hermle take the same hands. Knock out the hubs on the hands that you want to use. Cut off the ends of the new hands, and then glue the remaining part to the back of the...
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    Quarter hour chime alignment query

    i think if one would check these closely, none of them are going to be 100% exact on each quarter. These are stamped out pieces.
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    Kieninger stop works

    You are correct on both counts. There is a limit to how close one can get it, and the Kieninger does have the dots as you described
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    Help KWM Bushing Size Question

    Having work last is not a function of using bronze or brass bushings. It is a function of how well the pivot is polished. If it is not polished properly, no bushing will hold for long.

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