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  1. Hawk53

    Trying to Identify a Hamilton 500

    I'd suggest posting your questions over at
  2. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    Nice watch but not a "Bobbie"
  3. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Dilemma...HELP!
  4. Hawk53

    ebay rules discussion

  5. Hawk53

    $ Watch

  6. Hawk53

    $ Watch

    Worth what somebody is willing to pay for it.... Is it a Patek or Rolex....NO
  7. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    Pat, Usually if it's a complete watch I'll post it with as much content as I can. But occasionally I'll buy a loose movement/dial just to have it for parts or just to keep it out of the landfills. That particular movement was sent to me by a friend who hadn't seen that designation before.
  8. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    8WH movement circa 1936
  9. Hawk53

    T. Eaton Co Limited wristwatch

    " Know of any company that would give you a Rolex for 25 years service today? " You'd be lucky to get a can opener in today's world....
  10. Hawk53

    T. Eaton Co Limited wristwatch

    Can't help you Tim, but nice watch!:???:
  11. Hawk53

    Vedeor watch?

    Nice, and a pinky ring to boot!:chuckling:
  12. Hawk53

    Help Post Area duplicated on User Profiles

    I went to check your profile and got zip...nada?
  13. Hawk53

    Help MIA

    Steven, they were at the bottom of the page which allowed users to select things like number of views as compared to other threads. There were others as well but that was the one I used the most.
  14. Hawk53

    Help MIA

    What happened to the "thread tools" that used to be at the bottom of the page, and is it coming back?
  15. Hawk53

    New type of mineral crystal?

    "and I don't want anyone looking it up." Why?
  16. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    Two things you never want to see on a Westfield dial or bezel.......................... Pretty sure Tiffany never teamed up with Westfield, and the enameled paint on the next watch is just too comical to believe.
  17. Hawk53

    What Upgrades

    "The new version of the Forum is coming! This major upgrade of the Forum will take place in the early hours of November 2 and should be completed by noon. There will be no access to the Forum while the upgrade is taking place." What sort of "upgrades" are you referring to?
  18. Hawk53

    Accutron prototypes on Facebook?

    Sure if you happen to have a facebook acct, which a lot of us don't have or want...
  19. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    Above watch arrived and with a little "puff" of air across the balance, running away nicely. Yay! 10AS movement and date code from 1926, service marks from early 30's. So pretty sure it's pre Bulova.
  20. Hawk53

    Vintage Bulova 10AN

    A little late to the party on this one but the "Shield" date code was first used and recorded in 1929. The date code for 1931 is what we call the upside down house.

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