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  1. doug sinclair

    Hamilton 992 Upper Balance Jewel

    If you have the correct jewel and setting the setting will be "stepped" on the down side, and the jewel is concave on that side. The jewel is convex on the top side. Be certain the hole jewel setting is fully seated, and the cap jewel as well. Trying to seat those jewels by tightening the tiny...
  2. doug sinclair

    How do I identify this pocket watch

    Welcome,Look for the ENCYCLOPEDIA heading in the mast head of the message board. It will take you to a vast storehouse of knowledge on all aspects of watch and clock collecting. Look for the SWISS FAKES heading. That is what yours is. Probably trying to masquerade as a Unites States Watch Co...
  3. doug sinclair

    Problem with new Hermle movement.

    Try running it in the case WITHOUT the hour hand. The tube on the under side of the hour hand might be binding on the opening in the case if the arbors aren't properly centered in the opening. If it runs without the hour hand, shift the movement a bit to solve the problem.
  4. doug sinclair

    Tryng to identify this old clock! Can anhyone help?

    No help in identifying, but it appears to be a 30-hour movement, and the size would sort of indicate (to me at least) that it might be called a "cottage clock".
  5. doug sinclair

    American PW 1948 Hamilton RWS 992b

    I don't know what you mean by the "tracking the time using NIST and a stop watch" stick with one time source. And one only. You need ONE time source that you know is accurate. Otherwise, you'll never have an accurate assessment of the timing of your watch.
  6. doug sinclair

    American PW 1948 Hamilton RWS 992b

    Firstly, choose your reference time source (WWV, NIST, cable tv, or whatever), then STICK to that time source ONLY! Then probably the best bet would be for you to keep a log which includes date, set to the second, position the watch is tested in, then updating the log each day showing variation...
  7. doug sinclair

    Oil Condition

    Condition of the oil is not the only factor that might indicate sluggish performance. As to being reluctant to start without "encouraging" it? Being badly off beat would be a major contributing factor. How thorough the cleaning was before lubrication could be a factor. As with maintaining a...
  8. doug sinclair

    American PW 1948 Hamilton RWS 992b

    I think you're looking for another watchmaker! Did you have a face to face with the person who supposedly fixed it? Was this person is recommended to you by someone who has had better results from the same shop? There could be many reasons it is so erratic. Poise, hairspring problems, balance...
  9. doug sinclair

    $ Small Pocket Watch

    Arriving at a meaningful opinion of price will likely involve hands on evaluation to determine metal content and checking the stones to identlfy them.
  10. doug sinclair

    Stems for watches

    Stem tables? Well, for a start, a Bestfit catalog would be an asset. They are no longer in print, but i think i heard there was a version available on disc. BUT! A catalog is of absolutely NO USE unless you first identify the movement! If there is a trade mark and caliber number on the movement...
  11. doug sinclair

    Stems for watches

    Pictures please! And have you checked the movement for a maker's trade mark, and calibre number. Check under the rim of the balance wheel, and it is stamped, tell us what it says.
  12. doug sinclair

    Association Ouvriere

    There's a very big chance the watch was originally in a gold hunter case which was damaged beyond repair, or sold for scrap some time in the past. I strongly suspect this case was available wnen needed, and is not original to the movement.
  13. doug sinclair

    railroad grade

    If you take a look at the double sunk enamel dial in the picture i posted, you'll see it is laced with cracks. In about 46 years of use both as a fireman and an engineer on CPR, it appears he dropped it lots! Either that, or it slipped out of his bib overalls while still attached to a lanyard...
  14. doug sinclair

    Hermle 340-020 chime won't start

    That movement is almost 40 years old. It would be far cheaper for you to replace it than to acquire the essentials you would require to properly service it. Go the Butterwoth Industries website and check out the cost of a replacement movement. The effort expended and the expense of salvaging...
  15. doug sinclair

    Hermle 340-020 chime won't start

    Are you winding ALL THREE SPRINGS until the key WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT TURN ANY MORE? If not, try winding it FULLY and test run the clock again. Toward the lower right corner of the movement, there is information stamped in the back plate, including the maker's logo and the 340.020. There should...
  16. doug sinclair

    A Scratched and Gouged Hamilton 4992B

    Irony???? What was ironic about my reply? That is a typical hairspring collet for all the 992B movements, and clones! As to the obvious problem someone had in poising the balance wheel. These are a friction staff, not riveted. And usually require little effort to poise. If you see something...
  17. doug sinclair

    A Scratched and Gouged Hamilton 4992B

    That is a typical hairspring collet. No butchery there. Unusual to see that someone had a problem poising the wheel.
  18. doug sinclair

    Please help ID rare/uncommon (?) Elgin Pocket Watch

    Serial # 18,032,526 is a grade 312. Rare? No. Uncommon? No. Elgin produced 366,000 grade 312 Elgins. Unusual? Perhaps. But only because we don't see a lot of conversion dials which were used to convert hunter cased movement to use in an open faced case. The case is only chrome plated base metal...
  19. doug sinclair

    How to fix MOP dial ( Mother of Pearl)

    Hiding of minimizing the appearance of a crack in a mother of pearl dial effectively is not possible. Perhaps a dial refinisher might be able to replace the layer of mother of pearl might be possible.
  20. doug sinclair

    Information on a 1920s UK R&S 9ct Gold watch please

    Welcome, Rolex? I see nothing on the watch that says Rolex to me. If it was a Rolex, the trade mark inside the case back should be W & D for Wilsdorf and Davis. By about 1910, I think Davis and Wilsdorf had parted. But I have a sterling cased Rolex hallmarked 1915 that has the W & D trade mark...

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