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    400 Day suspension spring assembly tool construction under way.

    They do seem to be for the most part, fairly close in size. On my m&b tool the clearance holes for the pins/ and for holding blocks with taper pins in are 1.6mm. This tool never gets used though, its not the best design, no way to hold everything in place the taper pins only work usually for...

    Can anyone identify the makers that used these shapes of key?

    The right one I usually see with later 400 day clocks, Schatz, kundo, maybe others. Whether they are specific to one maker or made by a separate company and bought by multiple makers I'm not sure. The other one I have no clue. Dan

    Black Forest Jockele Clock

    I have one of those here somewhere the pendulum is just a wire with a hollow thin punched brass flower as the bob. The pendulum seemed quite long for the clock about 7-8 inches? and very little weight. I will see if I can find mine its been a while since I saw it. Dan

    Dyeing nylon weight cord

    Coffee actually works quite well, it takes a bit longer than an hour, I used instant coffee on some very bright white tennis racket string (braided nylon) and left it over night it came out a nice gut colour. Cheap fabric dye works quite well too and a bit faster than coffee. Dan

    How in the world? (Swiss hairspring removal)

    On most of these you can actually push the pinning block out from the top (the pin you see above it on the cock) without unpinning the hairspring itself. There used to be special tweezers with a 90° pin on side and a fork to support around the pinning block on the other for this. The pin is...

    when were the first pinwheel jewelers regulators made?

    Not sure about the "jewelers regulator" itself, but the pinwheel escapement was invented by Jean-André Lepaute in 1753, it was used in French longcase (régulateurs) (like his here Jean-André Lepaute (1720 - 1788, master 1759) (Getty Museum) ) probably not long after he published his editions of...

    What do you use in your ultrasonic?

    I dont think that was a mystery to anyone? Yes it works, but Ammonia isn't the best brightener, and the way it brightens leaves brass more vulnerable to oxidation. Commercial cleaners have better surfactants and brighteners to complement the ammonia or replace it to reduce that.

    Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

    Yes thank you for that Dean, and the rest of your posts, I would be very interested in a renaissance or pre 1800 english clock thread. Jim that has been one of my interests for a long time as well. I have found quite a bit out on the earlier stuff, but not quite enough yet.

    Parts Box

    This is close but not the one I was remembering.

    Will a Physicist please come to the stage (Dr. Geller maybe?)

    I remember seeing this a few times (in the same place as Dewey first). I always imagined at a atomic level it would be millions of fibers breaking like stretched cables and the friction of that and the fibers relaxing against each other, would raise the temperature that tiny bit extra. I...

    What do you use in your ultrasonic?

    Hi times Is that when he's talking about the brass tarnishing quickly? With the home made ammonia acetone oleic acid solutions this can be a problem. It shouldn't happen near as much or at all with good commercial cleaners and good rinsing. I think I'm using l&r 677 right now and #3 watch...

    Cyma Numbers identification?

    Well this one is the 1949 edition Watchmakers Handy Manual. There is better books, but this was in reach and works.

    Cyma Numbers identification?

    G.098 is a tavannes(cyma) caliber (9 3/4 ligne movement) # my Marshall book that I could find. I'm not sure what the 469 is, 424 is listed as an 8 3/4 ligne movement, if that helps. Dan

    Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

    Well that could just be my perception of some things, really, I don't think I've posted enough of my own work and methods, or often enough. I will try to post as much Interesting things as I can. I have a few that I would like to show when I can get to them.

    Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

    I was never much of a poster here for a few reasons, though I did first sign up in 2001 edit: (sorry I accidently pressed post ..touch screens) I do have 100s of clocks and am a professional clock and watchmaker and see many exceptional clocks and watches. Although I feel like RM about the...

    Parts Box

    I really like these cabinets. I've been trying to aquire some of these for a long time. Apparently I will have a few when my friend retires. (Always wanted to set up a pre 1900 workshop/showroom almost half way there) They were available from material houses in the later 1800s I saw the...

    Schatz Mariner 1975

    Ouch, I have to agree, not acceptable especially if he was "BHI qualified"

    Assemblers Putty

    I definitely don't disagree with those points Shutterbug. Which is why I said nothing foreign touches my movements after cleaning. I will say when I was young my BHI instructor/mentor suggested using rodico for this, (which is why I did) but I did it a few times and found it was more...

    Assemblers Putty

    I'm not sure why you would use it in or near a pivot hole for assembly? In the video he uses a black putty stuff to hold a cuckoo lever up out of the way and the edge of a wheel against the plate to keep a warning or strike pin in the right position for assembly.

    Assemblers Putty

    Well Rodico is actually sold as a watch cleaning product that some watchmakers use to remove fingerprints and dust (this is not something I do, nothing touches a movement after cleaning except gloves/finger cots, tweezers and oil) or for cleaning tools, pulling cap jewels, etc. Some people...

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