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  1. PatH

    Found an old clock

    Upon first seeing the clock, I wondered about the names of the individuals in the four corners. Upper left, I can make out Scott, upper right might be Burns, but it's difficult to tell with the glare. Lower left starts with Ram...? and lower right maybe Ferguson? Perhaps the original poster...
  2. PatH

    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Is there a transposed number for the 12s, or is this an anomaly from all the other findings? Thanks for all your work pulling this together and sharing it!
  3. PatH

    Verge Watch Cocks

    Thanks for sharing the above from the 1950s, as well as your document showing the actual watches, Allan. If you don't want to wait for the mail, the May/June issue is now available to members online. I haven't received my hard copy yet, but did read Mr. Cherico's article over the weekend...
  4. PatH

    American Watch Advertising

    Win one of 25 Waterbury watches and don't be late for the electric street cars that are coming! Based on the number on the first card (4,962), it appears that the program must have raised some interest - or maybe it was the fear of missing the street car that provided the incentive to enter?;)
  5. PatH

    Sidewalk post clock maker

    Great work, to all involved! I'm looking forward to hearing, and seeing, more about the restoration as it proceeds. Thank you!!
  6. PatH

    Waltham Vanguard decimal time

    Thank you - my bad. So the question would be whether this watch actually measures 10 "hours" in a 24 "hour" period. Correct?
  7. PatH

    Waltham Vanguard decimal time

    If I understand you correctly, you're asking if the watch actually runs 10 "hours" in what we normally measure as a 12 "hour" period. I think we understand the concept of decimal time, but are just asking for confirmation that this watch is measuring as stated above. Correct? It's a really cool...
  8. PatH

    Roberts B London doctor or observation pocket watch

    That music-themed balance cock is wonderful, not to mention the wonderful verse on the watch paper. Thanks for sharing! As an aside, the verse on the watch paper might also appear elsewhere, but courtesy of Google Books, I found it in The New England Farmer (page 64) February 1859 issue.
  9. PatH

    American Watch Advertising

    Very cool, Cort! I wonder if the card is from the New Orleans World Cotton Centennial in 1884. If I recall they had a souvenir booklet from that Fair. Are there any other indicators of where it would have been used?
  10. PatH

    Anglo American (3)

    Great clocks! Does the tall one have a mirror in the back below the bell? What kind of pendulum? Thanks.
  11. PatH

    Help Member banner woes

    Maybe a little different viewpoint....Through many years of work, we were always required to log off at the end of the day - a habit I still adhere to. In this case, single sign on would be handy.
  12. PatH

    Square Steel Stems

    Not sure what size these are, but since the crown appears to be made separately, could replacement pipes for watch keys be used?
  13. PatH

    Looking to buy

    There are several threads that include Boos clocks here on the message board. If you search those threads, you might be able to find clues as to the movements that were used. From the pictures, your case seems to be in good shape when compared to the amount of rust on the movement. Good...
  14. PatH

    How to go about repairing, should i Aaron Willard banjo

    Hide glue is also reversible.
  15. PatH

    Balance Staff, First Time I Nailed it on the first try!

    Thanks for sharing your success, Rick! It's always great to hear when things work! :thumb::emoji_clap:
  16. PatH

    How Balance cocks were carved in early verge watches

    Adam, if you are an NAWCC member, there is an informative article on balance cocks in the current (March/April 2021) issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin. It is to be a 3-part series, and in the current issue the author does speak of the individuals who were involved in the production of a...
  17. PatH


    First, congratulations on 50 years!! What a great achievement.:emoji_clap: As for adding a loop, it would also be nice for women who might want to wear the award(s) on a bracelet or neck chain. With today's more casual attire, there's not always a good way to display the pin like there was when...
  18. PatH

    National Meeting Your Online Account Information including events, donations, etc.

    Agree on utilizing the main site for registrations. My questions were primarily for clarification on what can be seen on an individual's NAWCC account. In the past, when I have handled preregistration for National and Regional events that were offered online at, there has also been...
  19. PatH

    Waterbury Star Movement Dismantling

    Like Will, I'm a little confused. Could you post a picture of your clock as it is now? Also, is the piece in post #15 one for which you're unsure of the placement? Thanks!
  20. PatH

    National Meeting Your Online Account Information including events, donations, etc.

    This is providing registration for the event was done through Regional registrations that are done directly with the host Chapters would not be visible, correct?

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