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  1. tliette

    What type of pendululum does this clock need?

    I recently bought a Seth Thomas Schoolhouse clock or so it was called but it has a bell on the inside nor does it have the correct pendulum either. The pendulum that was sent with the clock isn't the correct pendulum as there is no way to attach it to the suspension wire which is only about 2...
  2. tliette

    Seth Thomas Gallery with a broken hinge

    I just received a Seth Thomas Gallery clock and when I took it out of the box and opened the bezel, the bezel and convex glass came off in my hands. The seller claims it wasn't like that before shipping and of course he blamed the shipper. Anyhow would anyone have an idea how this could be...
  3. tliette

    Needing a Pendulum

    I'm in search of a pendulum for a Seth Thomas Cathedral Beehive with a 48R movement. Would someone have one to sell or maybe point me in the right direction? This pendulum is 5" long, top to bottom and weighs 3 ounces. This what it looks like: Thanks, Ted
  4. tliette

    Plugging the winding holes on an ogee dial

    Does anyone know how or what to use to plug the winding holes on an ogee dial? Would epoxy putty work? I have 2 ogee clocks that don't have original dials. I would like to put period dials back on them, not the knock off dials that are all the same in design. I like to keep my clocks as...
  5. tliette

    Seth Thomas Sonora Chimes

    I've seen clocks with 2 types of Sonora chimes, clocks that chimes on a series of bell, and I've also seen clocks with the second movement of Sonora chimes but the hammers strike on a series of bars. Are both types of chimes the bells and the bars both considered Sonora chimes?
  6. tliette

    Who made this movement.

    I've found an ogee that is a no name, can anyone identify this movement? Compared to others this movement has a very unique plate on it. Any ideas? Thanks, Ted
  7. tliette

    Is this a Chauncey Jerome Movement

    I'm looking at a Chauncey Jerome Ogee clock that the label says was built in Bristol, Connecticut. My question is the only markings on the movement, that I can find, is 7686 at the shaft for the hands. I thought Jerome put his name or initials on his movements. Can someone assist me, if it's not...
  8. tliette

    Reverse Painting

    Is there a talented person around who does reverse painting or is that a dying talent? I have an Ogee clock that I'd like to replace a reverse painting. A name or a web site would be a great starting point. Thanks, Ted
  9. tliette

    Seth Thomas Lever Clock Dial

    I have 2 ST lever clocks that I'm restoring. One clock has a paper dial on it, the other hasn't a dial. I'd please like some feedback, were these clocks manufactured with a paper dial or a painted dial. I'll post a couple photos to show what I have. Thanks, Ted
  10. tliette

    Seth Thomas Seth Thomas Lever Clock Dial

    I'm currently restoring a Seth Thomas lever clock but I'm puzzled by the dial. My clock hasn't a dial, just the brass pan that the glass and bezel is attached to. Was this dial originally a painted dial or what? I have another lever clock with what looks like a paper dial. which is it? Thanks, Ted
  11. tliette

    Cleaning The Dial On A Lever Clock

    I have just acquired a Seth Thomas lever clock and the dial on it is dirty. I don't know how it got that dirty except maybe years of being in a dirty atmosphere and nobody taking the time to keep it clean, I guess. The dial is a paper-like material on a dial pan but it feels like it has a...
  12. tliette

    Removing paint specks from my clock case

    I have a clock case with specks of white paint on it's case (a Seth Thomas Beehive), I don't want to ruin the time aged finish that has taken so many years to create. I think that is one of the things that makes collecting antique clocks unique. Is there a way that I'm not aware of this visual...
  13. tliette

    Adamantine- What's the best to use for cleaning

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but what is the best to use to clean clock cases with Adamantine surfaces? I have several Adamantine clocks and I can't seem to find anything that will bring the gloss back or keep from streaking. It seems everything is geared towards the solid wood...
  14. tliette

    Used Bezel for a Seth Thomas Beehive Roundtop

    I'm looking for a bezel assembly for my Seth Thomas beehive round top clock. It must have a good solid hinge on it and in good working order. The one I have on my round top is going to come off in my hand one of these days, I'm afraid. I'd like to replace it before that happens as I will...
  15. tliette

    -William-S-Johnson-background-paper-repair-or save.

    I have a William S Johnson OG clock that I'm in the process of having the dial redone to it's original state. There was a paper dial on the clock but when I took that off, to my surprise I think I discovered the original dial which is being redone at the Dialhouse (and did I say the dial is made...
  16. tliette

    Seth Thomas with a #5 movement?

    I'm new to the forum and I have a small collection of mostly Seth Thomas clocks. My question is did Seth Thomas make a movement that was a no. 5 movement (as in the various 89's, 120, 124 for example). Thanks for any input.

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