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  1. agemo

    Wanamaker Swiss 2 Jewels, Fabrique de Montilier - #22561

    Hi, It is an automobile watch, John Wanamaker, born July 11, 1838 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and died December 12, 1922 in the same place, is a businessman, founder of Wanamaker's department stores in Philadelphia, and American politician. This car watch must date from the beginning of the...
  2. agemo

    Eureka Clock Co., London

    Hi, Click on Eureka : Staging Amicalement GG
  3. agemo

    Help Identifying a (Possible) Omega Pocketwatch and (Possible) Omega Movement

    Hi, Your case 309xxxx was produced between 1902 and 1907, from what I know is that some omega movements were not signed and not numbered, and in my opinion your caliber is a 19''' quality A or B. You can see on the site of Joêl Duval who was a very knowledgeable collector of unsigned and...
  4. agemo

    Heuer Chronograph Balance Staff

    Hi, Can you give the dimensions of your old balance shaft? Personally before ordering I measure because there may be an error in the supplier's listing. I hope this is not the case, because I am sorry. I have frequently ordered from them without any problem. Amicalement GG
  5. agemo

    Timex Mickey Mouse Electric Movement Watch

    Hi, This movement is a caliber 40 at 21,600 vibrations unlike the 253 which is at 28,800 vibrations. Amicalement GG
  6. agemo

    Looking for Information on My Newest Clock Find

    Hi, Elias Ingraham was born in Marlborough, Connecticut, on October 1, 1805. He died in 1885. Elias died and his brother Edward took over as president of E. Ingraham & Co. The Ingrahams, as a family, made and sold clocks for over 150 years. Read more here : E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol, Conn. Arch...
  7. agemo

    Got My Covid Vaccination on Monday

    Hello, I received my first injection (Pfizer) on Tuesday, May 4, the second will be on June 12. I am in France and you can follow the progress of the vaccination here : VaccinTracker Covid19 : nombre de français vaccinés - CovidTracker Amicalement GG
  8. agemo

    French Clock Identification help

    Pendulum lengt = (27,07x3)+(2,256x8) = 99,258 millimètres
  9. agemo

    French Clock Identification help

    Hi, Silvin, Paris, France Mark: JS inside an oval Silvin (1908) Watchmaker, who had a store in the rue des Arquebusiers, and obtained a bronze medal for his clock movement, movements often mounted on sculptures by H. F. Moreau. Hippolyte Francois Moreau is a French sculptor for his bronze...
  10. agemo

    Help identifying watch / clockmakers tool

    Hi, The set is a lathe for the screws to polish them. Amicalement GG
  11. agemo

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Hi, There is a clip on the axis between the plate and the hour wheel. Amicalement GG
  12. agemo

    Military Tissot or not?

    Hi, According to the case number, this watch was produced in 1942, but is in no way military, I am not a specialist in militaria but during the second world war the majority of the dials were black I think. Amicalement GG
  13. agemo

    Help identifying

    Hi, I may be wrong, but this movement is not a repetition "grand sonnerie" by chance ? :emoji_thinking: These two barrels intrigue me ! Amicalement GG
  14. agemo

    Zenith movement 1927 year

    Hi, In Serbian Cyrillic 'Мих. П. Петковић и Кo. Београд' (Mih. P. Petković i Ko. Beograd), is the name of the watchmaker and representative of 'Zenith' watches, between the two world wars, perhaps after the 1920s. The movement is as noted enrico a 20 1/2 NVI, here is the caliber. Is it...
  15. agemo

    Help identifying

    Hi, Emile Robert-Mairet Les ponts-Martel is mentioned two times as a watchmaker and manufacturer in the Davoines of 1867 and 1869-70 Amicalement GG
  16. agemo

    Interesting old Patria/Pataca pocket watch.

    Here is an advertisement in a Doc Rero (La Fédération Horlogère) of 1934 where SADA S.A sells its brands following its liquidation. Amicalement GG
  17. agemo

    Interesting old Patria/Pataca pocket watch.

    Hi, If you do a search in Mikrolisk Pataca seems to be part of the Fabrique d'horlogerie S.A.D.A in Bienne and SADA seems to have been created by Louis Brandt Frères. SADA brings together a multitude of brands but still remains a mystery. Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index...
  18. agemo

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    Here is the technical notice in French, normal Vedette is French ! Amicalement GG
  19. agemo

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    Hi, I have the technical notice of the Vedette chime, if you are interested I can post the PDF. Amicalement GG
  20. agemo

    Louise Matile Locle 18k case

    And this in addition : Matile, Henri Louis – Watch-Wiki Amicalement GG

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