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    Thank you!
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    I found this image online. The one picture I had of hers was very blurry, and I went by the decoration on the glass, plus some of the more defining bits-the pillars, the face, the double key holes. And as I look at it, I remember it looking like this (again, after 15 years, lol) Most images I've...
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    Hi all! I am currently searching for this clock. In my research, it's been labeled as a Gilbert, a Davis, and Columbus Co. Clock. The backstory-my grandmother had this clock on her mantle for as long as I can remember. About 15 years ago, someone broke in and stole it. My father recently said if...
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    Hello all, I am searching for this clock. I've found some information on it-I believe it to be either a Gilbert or Davis or Columbus? 1879. My grandmother had one on her mantle (it was my grandfather's) until about 15 years ago, when someone stole it. My father recently was discussing it and...

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