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    Initial Slowness Mystery

    Thanks for the update. It helps all of us. Roger
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    Initial Slowness Mystery

    Any update on the resolution to the problem?
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    Initial Slowness Mystery

    Any update on the resolution to this problem?
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    Initial Slowness Mystery

    A slightly loose canon pinion can cause what you describe. I have had this happen in almost exactly the same way. Roger
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    loose roller table

    My experience has been that I have used this punch at least 20 times and have never shattered/split a roller table. A light tap means a light tap! It takes very little to raise burrs. To each his own.
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    loose roller table

    This may not be the best way and there is a chance of splitting a roller table (although I have never split one), but it does work. A very light tap on the side going toward the shoulder of the staff will produce enough grip if the roller table hole is only slightly too large. You can also...
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    First Pivot (ish) Success

    Very nice. I like carbide gravers. I use Waller and they cut so much easier for me. Much slower speed when cutting too. Roger
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    watch cleaning

    Good to hear from you! I hope you'll be able to navigate the forum better as you use it.
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    watch cleaning

    Kent, You put out a post "Desperate Newbie" on Oct. 29th and never responded to it after several people posted replies. Then you posted asking for "Repair Help" on Oct. 31st and I replied with a PM to you to which you also have not replied. What's up with that? Roger
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    Repair help

    I sent you a PM. Roger
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    Desperate newbie

    Hello Kent, Hopefully you have not poked around the balance wheel and hairspring in an effort to get it going again. I would strongly suggest you don't fool with it and send it to someone who can get it going for you again. If you want to get into the repair and service of these wonderful...
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    Help Platform escapement needs repair...

    The safety pin for the pallet fork is a fairly simple job, especially since it looks to be a single roller. If the roller jewel is missing that isn't a big problem either. There may be another issue. It appears from your pictures that the hairspring coil may be in contact with the balance...
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    Serviced Waltham 1899 Hard to Wind

    Does it wind hard both in the case and out of the case? Start with the simple possibilities.
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    Elgin 6/0 balance staff

    Agree. One never knows what somebody else has done so checking is the only way to determine sizing. If you do find a jewel gauge set, check that none of the tips are broken. I was lucky to get a complete set with everything intact. Roger
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    Elgin 6/0 balance staff

    I use this to measure jewel holes. No taper so I feel more accurate. Hard to find this tool set. Roger
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    Time to shellac some roller jewels...

    Hi Roger, I would have to point to the use of the microscope for the higher incidence I see of loose jewels. When I say 'loose', many times the movement is barely detectable, but if it is there it must be repaired. Roger
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    Service Quality Assessment

    Understood Jim, but the "system" is for the forum users and I should think maybe a poll should be taken to see if the users would prefer to have the ability to edit their own posts after the one hour limit. If someone felt a following post made them look "foolish" then they would also have the...
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    Service Quality Assessment

    It is so easy to make a mistake when posting, especially technical info and sometimes you would like to change or clarify your own post. I wish this forum would allow us to edit our own posts. Why this isn't allowed is something I just don't understand. Roger
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    No Balance Side Shake

    I'll add one more thing to the excellent advice already given. I clean and lube the cock jewels and plate jewels for the balance. I then take my proposed new staff and install it all by itself after measuring the old pivot. If both are broken I would have measured the hole jewels while I had...
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    Elgin Grade 95 Mainspring

    My Elgin catalog lists the Elgin part number for grade 95 as X824. Roger

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